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About Us

Home Tuff is a website which gives information, ideas, and solutions to better your home and improve your life. We focus on all aspects of home improvement.

Our editors and writers explore solutions dealing with home security, clean water, and kitchen appliances, and gardening among many other categories.

Our inspiration comes from unique and beautiful ideas, and we welcome the notion that style is personal. And that is why our platform gives our readers plenty of information and ideas to inspire them.

By so doing, we encourage them to take the right measures in securing their homes, purifying their drinking water, gardening tips, and reviews of gardening tools to personalize their homes.

Home Tuff unites thousands of readers all over the globe with gadget reviews and ideas of making their homes safe.

Honest Product Reviews and Factual Buying Guides

Home Tuff seeks to post information, reviews, and inspirational ideas in many unique articles. The information on our website is extensive and diverse since our main goal is to help all our readers.

We acknowledge that a lot of our audience needs the information to make their home much more secure, organized, beautiful, and a good reflection of who they are. Here you will learn, discover and implement.


 Discover the charm of function and form in-home gadgets and appliances, like, water filters security systems and gardening equipment and their reviews. You will find the latest product revolution, tips on incorporating and finding your ideas, and the recent product renovations.


Educate yourself on various home-centered topics, including exclusive interviews, concepts, and designs as well as home gadgets.

Learn about the best security systems on the market, installing the best water filters in your home, and most importantly learn on the how-tos of installing gadgets.

We are certain that you will find important information that you can put to use in your home because that is what we are all about.


Learn how to fix personalized gadgets to improve the security and comfort of your home, whether for everyday comfort and security or holidays and special occasions.

Whether you are starting or you have experience with installing security gadgets or not, our extensive tutorials that are complete with tips, hints, and tricks will help you to implement what you have learned.

Home Tuff comprises of creative individuals team from all over the globe who have a singular thing in common, here is more information about our team.

The Team at Home Tuff

Jonh Theo,

Chief Editor

John is a creative and dynamic writer and editor with a vast experience in home improvement and DIY ideas. He began writing about easy home solutions five years ago.

Starting with home security ideas and comfort solutions, he felt the need to create a platform for this. From then on, the website went from being a plain blog to a web resource.

Jessica Kasey

Full-Time Editor

She is not fond of people, and sometimes finds herself indoors; however, she enjoys giving them help from behind the scenes. Her most celebrated characteristic is attention to detail which drives others crazy.

Kasey began writing about homes four years ago, and she has been writing since then. When its time to work, she is always where she is needed.

Alicia Smart

News Editor

Our news editor is a creative provocateur and global communicator; she holds degrees in creative arts and interior design and has had an affair with creativity all her life. She experienced a career as a business lady when she opened a clothes boutique.

After she had exhausted her interest in the fashion industry, she went back to her passion for creating beautiful gadgets and designing of home gardens. She enjoys reading, writing and traveling.

Careers at Home Tuff

Home Tuff is looking for inspired and motivated persons who will appreciate good security and comfort at home.  We have diverse interests and ideas, and we welcome that diversity wholeheartedly.

However, we all share a great love for securing our homes and living comfortably by fixing the necessary gargets to our homes. We would want you to be excited about it too.

We encourage and prosper on passion and creativity and our desire to share the insights we have to inspire our readers to be more creative, more secure by knowing and fixing the right security gadgets and be happy with the outcome.

We are always seeking staff writers and security enthusiasts who like sharing what they know with others. Contact us if you feel Home Tuff is the best fit for you.