Best Portable Shampoo Sink: Hair Backwash bowl with sprayer

Portable Shampoo Sink Hair Basin Backwash

One should invest in portable shampoo to enhance the saloon experience. The shampoo basins are also ideal as shampooing stations. You can also install it in your saloon permanently.

In this comprehensive review, we explore the best portable shampoo sinks for hair backwash with a basin or a bowl. They are simple to use and affordable

In short, they have a working area and a drain hose to empty the used water. Most of the portable shampoo hair basins are lightweight.

Product Name  DetailsUnique Selling PointBuying Link
1.GOTOTOP Shampoo Hair Wash Basin   
GOTOTOP Shampoo Hair Wash Basin flaunts a portable design
It has an adjustable heightLightweight and portable design  
2. Yasoo Portable shampoo bowlHigh-quality PP materials.  It is lightweight and portable.  
3. Salmue Shampoo Hair Basin
Salmue Shampoo Hair Basin long lasting construction
Large basin capacity.  Easy to set up.  
4. Deep Shampoo Basin Sink
Deep Shampoo Basin Space
It is sturdy and durable.  It has a versatile use.  
5. Ceramic Shampoo Bowl Backwash Station  
Ceramic Shampoo Bowl Backwash Station
The design is simple.  The adjustable bowl
6 .TMS® Portable Shampoo Basin
TMS® Portable Shampoo Basin
Adjustable bowl as a swivel designDurable material construction.  
7. Ibnotuiy Shampoo Basin
Ibnotuiy Shampoo Basin
The shampoo bowl is universal.  Foldable and a handing design.

Best Portable Shampoo Sink with sprayer

1. Ibnotuiy Shampoo Basin 

Ibnotuiy Shampoo Basin

The device comes from top-quality materials that come from TPE soft rubber. The drainage pipe comes from plastic materials; therefore, you will not experience any threat of rusting. 

The item has a foldable and hanging design. As such, you can store it efficiently.

Folding it involves pressing down. It will not consume a big space. The removable drain tube is convenient for eliminating wastes. 

The bowl has a back and front buckle to support pregnant women. It is suitable for the elderly or patients.

The attached chair provides comfort and enhances the saloon experience.


  • The shampoo sinks come from high-quality TPS materials. 
  • It has a foldable and a handing design. 
  • The shampoo bowl is universal. 
  • The shampoo basin size is spacious.
  • It is suitable for the elderly and pregnant women. 


  • It has a particular smell when it is new. 

2. GOTOTOP Shampoo Hair Wash Basin 

GOTOTOP Shampoo Hair Wash Basin flaunts a portable design

Gototop is a powerful shampoo device with a good design. It has professional features that make it functional.

The manufacturer used durable PP materials and a stainless steel support tube for easy use.

The shampoo hair basin features an adjustable height to accommodate your ordinary or reclining chair.

It will tilt to match the different needs of the users.

It has a plug to stop water from draining. A drain hose is necessary to eliminate wastes.

This product is lightweight and portable. It can be the right choice for travelers.

The bowl has a swivel design whereby you can rotate it to any angle to suit your comfort. 


  • It has an adjustable height to accommodate reclining and ordinary chairs. 
  • The product has an excellent design to make it extremely functional.
  • High quality and durable PP materials.
  • Lightweight and portable design


  • It does not adjust to a suitable short height.

3. Yasoo Portable shampoo bowl

Yasoo Portable shampoo bowl with adjustable height

Yasoo is another portable sink hair basin that comes from durable ABS material.

Furthermore, high-quality PP materials are long-lasting. The stainless steel support pipe increases its functionality. 

Another exciting feature is the adjustable height, which is ideal for any reclining and ordinary chair.

The adjustable bowl can swivel back and front to suit your preferences.

This shampoo basin comes in a compact size for easier packaging.

Te small size saves space as you store it, making it a perfect choice for portable shampoo sinks for hair backwash for a basin.

There is a rubber stopper to prevent water from coming out when you are at work. The presence of flexible drain hose connects to the underside to eliminate all the wastes from the basin. 


  • The shampoo basin is easy to install. 
  • The adjustable height accommodates different customer needs. 
  • High-quality PP materials. 
  • It is lightweight and portable.


  • There were complaints on the sheer hose that leaks. 

4. Salmue Shampoo Hair Basin

Salmue Shampoo Hair Basin long lasting construction

If you are looking for a top-quality shampoo hair basin with backlash, it is hard to overlook Salmue.

Both the PP materials and stainless steel tube puts it in the durable category. 

The product has a large capacity basin that accommodates different head sizes.

Also, this product has easy-to-clean accessories. The adjustable height design will accommodate the reclining and ordinary chairs. 

The cool thing is this shampoo basin is easy to set up. You can assemble it within a few minutes.

The drain hose helps in eliminating wastewater. The plug will stop water when you are not using it. 

Typically, the shampoo sink hair basin is lightweight if you like traveling if it can be the right bet.



  • High-quality materials.
  • Large basin capacity.
  • Adjustable height to suit different needs.
  • Easy to set up. 
  • It is lightweight and affordable. 


  • The draining system is not perfect. 

5. Deep Shampoo Basin Sink by GOTOTOP

Deep Shampoo Basin Saves on Space

It is a stylish shampoo basin sink that includes all the professional features to make it functional.

The product is easy to clean. You will encounter little maintenance costs. 

The designer used high-quality and durable materials. 

The device can adjust to a comfortable height to match to varying needs of the customers.

You can sue it on any ordinary or reclining chair. The compact design makes it easy for storage and transportation. 

The shampoo basin sink has a drain hose to facilitate easy drainage. There is a stopper to prevent any water from running out.

The sink hair basin is suitable in the saloon or any barbershop. If you are a travel enthusiast, then the shampoo sink is ideal for you. 


  • It is sturdy and durable.
  • The product is height adjustable.
  • The compact design for more accessible storage.
  • It has a versatile use. 


  • The customers complained of it being too tall and uncomfortable. 

6. Ceramic Shampoo Bowl Backwash Station

Ceramic Shampoo Bowl Backwash Station

The shampoo basin comes with a set of things that you will require for a successful salon experience.

For instance, it has a simple chair, a spray hose, and a vacuum breaker. Also, the package has a free comfort gel neck rest. 

The designer fixed the chair to the backwash frame. You can operate around it well by adjusting the easy tilt bowl.

The used designing materials are durable; therefore, you will appreciate the amount of dollar spent on this product. 

The package includes micro-absorbent towels to increase comfort. The set comes in a compact size to promote storage.

 The P-trap catch is on the draining hose to improve the draining functions. This is what makes us prefer the portable ceramic shampoo bowl for hair backwash as it serves as a good sink.


  • The product enjoys a one year warranty.
  • It has an elaborate shampoo set with a chair.
  • The adjustable bowl fits different customer heights.
  • The design is simple.


  • Assembling it is never simple. 

7.  TMS Portable Shampoo Basin

TMS® Portable Shampoo Basin

The device is suitable for treating the hair in the comfort of your seats. The bowl comes in black color, which adds up as a stain-resistant material. The stainless steel support pipe increases its stability. 

The shampoo device has an adjustable bowl that can swivel both front and back.

The larger bowl provides a spacious working area to accommodate all head sizes. The product is both lightweight and durable. 

The device is easy to assemble. The adjustable height can serve the different needs of your customer. 

It supports the needs of any reclining or ordinary chair. The sturdy base enhances safety design. 


  • It has a convenient adjustable height.
  • Adjustable bowl as a swivel design.
  • It has a plug to prevent the water from out.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Durable material construction. 


  • The drainage system is faulty

Our top 3 Picks

1. Ibnotuiy Shampoo Basin 

The product enjoys a functional design that makes it outstanding. The used PP materials are durable. The device has an adjustable height that accommodates the reclining or ordinary chair. The item has a solid base for safe usage. Also, it is lightweight hence suitable for a traveling user.

2. Salmue Shampoo Hair Basin

Salmue is a long-lasting saloon device thanks to its durable material construction. The device has a large capacity bowl to accommodate different hair lengths. The adjustable height is suitable for any reclining or regular chair. The device is easy to set it up. 

3. Ceramic Shampoo Bowl Backwash Station

The product has a unique set that includes chaos and a towel to increase the user’s comfort. It also has a comfortable gel neckrest to enhance your salon experience. 


Factors to Consider When Choosing Portable shampoo Basin with Backwash


The right portable shampoo sink should have exceptional features that make it functional. For instance, it should have a large bowl to fit all the hair lengths. Also, the drain hose must be present to eliminate wastes. The adjustable height should tolerate different customer needs. 


The product should come in a compact size to enhance storage. Some models come in a foldable design to support the storage aspect. The small design saves space, thereby enabling you to keep your storage device comfortably. 

Check out our review of the best portable shampoo bowls if you would like to convert your current sinks at home to fit hair washing.


Suppose you are a frequent traveler and want to serve your customers wherever you are, then the above product has all the features to support your mission. Hesitate not. Make a decision now, and enjoy the benefits thereof.