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9 Best Kitchen Helper Stools and Towers: Safe for Toddlers

best learning stools and towers

Do you have a child at your home? Indeed, if yes, then you are likely to experience certain activities. They may include kid climbing heights, playing with toys, and much more. Here is a comprehensive guide for the best kitchen helper stools and towers that are safe for toddlers to use.

All these are good for not just learning, but keeping the child safe in the kitchen. With the emergence of kitchen helper stool, your child can do more activities. If unsure, lets us discover more from the 9 listed products.

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At a Glance: Best Kitchen Helper Stools/Tower

Product NameDetailsUnique Selling Points
1. Guidecraft Kitchen Helper Stool 
Guidecraft Kitchen Helper Stool
Adjustable designUnique foldable construction
2. Little Partners Learning Tower  
Little Partners Learning Tower
Excellent safety featuresThe study design
3. Little Partners Painted Learning Tower
Little Partners Painted Learning Tower
High quality constructionMulti-purpose tool
4. Guidecraft Contemporary Kitchen Helper Stool
Guidecraft Contemporary Kitchen Helper Stool
Supports 125 poundsThe product is safe and secure
5. Convertible Helper tower
Convertible Helper Tower
Three step adjustmentStable and durable
6. Montessori Kitchen Step Stool
Montessori Kitchen Step Stool
The convertible designAssembling it is easy
7. UNICOO- Kids Learning Stool
UNICOO- Kids Learning Stool
Load capacity of 250 poundsExcellent safety features
8. Simplay3 Step Stool
Simplay3 Step Stool
Safe to climbDurable and well balanced
9. UNICOO – Kids Kitchen Step Stool
UNICOO - Kids Kitchen Step Stool
Easy to assembleFantastic safety features

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The Best Kitchen Helper Stools and Towers

1. Guidecraft Kitchen Helper Stool

Guidecraft Kitchen Helper Stool with a folder design

Guidecraft is a kitchen helper stool that enjoys a foldable design, which makes it suitable for storage. The cool aspect is the product is lightweight, plus it is adjustable hence ideal for children from 2 years and beyond. 

The kitchen helper stool is safe and secure. The designer made it to exceed the safety standards of the child. The packages have an additional non-slip mat for an extra layer of security. 

Besides, this product will accommodate the needs of a growing child. The user can adjust it from 14 to 17 inches hence economical. You will not have to buy it yearly as the child grows. 

The product comes from birch plywood and solid hardwood. The materials are long-lasting. Furthermore, they have a non-toxic finish, which will prevent scratches and scuff marks. The stool will support a load of 125 pounds comfortably. 

The child will have the privilege to stand on the countertop with confidence. The kid will also take part in family togetherness enjoyably. 


  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Lightweight design making it portable
  • It is adjustable hence grows with the child
  • Safe and secure
  • Unique foldable construction


  • It is costly

2. Little Partners Learning Tower

One can involve this product to lift the kid in the kitchen counter height. As such, it makes it easy for the child to interact with the family on the table. Furthermore, it has a durable build since it comes from fine wood that makes it long-lasting. 

The product boasts of a four-sided frame featuring two steps to enable easy climbing. The design will allow the children to explore safely. The children can climb up and down, hence making them operate independently. 

Besides, another exciting feature about this kitchen stool is it provides safe support. The stool will withstand a weight that does not exceed 250 pounds. Interestingly, you can adjust this product to four different heights, thereby serving the growing child appropriately.

For additional security, the manufacturer put handrails, rounded edges, and handholds. Additionally, it comes with a silicone play mat. The mat has a non-slip platform to prevent accidental falls. 


  • It has excellent safety features
  • Durable construction materials
  • The study design makes it highly stable
  • The adjustable feature is convenient for a growing child
  • The stool can support a maximum weight of 250 pounds


  • The product is unfairly expensive

3. Little Partners Painted Learning Tower

If you are searching for a learning tower then look no further than Little Partners. The product has different features like a paper holder, a chalkboard, and a shelf to store the valuables.

There are entry panels and removable exit to facilitate the kid movements like climbing. 

The durable build enables the kid to remain stable as the user gains the counter height level. As such, the user will participate in other activities such as washing, cooking, and different hand-on activities. 

The used materials for stool construction are finer wood. It is safe, long-lasting, and stylish. The kitchen stool tolerates a maximum load of 200 pounds. Furthermore, you can adjust to four heights as appropriate. 

Moreover, it has perfect safety features such as rounded edges, handholds, and safety rails. Also, you will get the silicone mat, although you must purchase it separately. The mat has a textured design to prevent slippage and falls. 


  • It is a multi-purpose tool
  • The product is lightweight 
  • It has adjustable heights hence ideal for a growing child
  • The kitchen stool has excellent safety features
  • High-quality construction


  • The arrangement of the screws are uneven


4. Guidecraft Contemporary Kitchen Helper Stool

Well, this kitchen stool will suit children of ages 2 and above. This foldable product will give an allowance for the user to store valuables. You can get it in a range of colors and three unique styles. 

The cool thing is the kitchen stool is safe and secure. It meets child safety standards. For instance, the packages come with a non-slip mat, which serves as an additional layer of security. 

The user can adjust it from 14 to 17 inches. As such, it will accommodate the needs of a growing child. Most importantly, the stool is long-lasting. You will enjoy its services extensively. 

The manufacturer used birch mark plywood and solid hardwood, which is safe. Furthermore, the material has a toxic finish, which does don’t tolerate scuff marks and scratches. 

While using this product ensures that the total weight does not exceed 125 pounds. As such, it will remain at safe levels without encountering mechanical problems. 


  • The kitchen stool is easy to assemble 
  • It is foldable and lightweight
  • The product is safe and secure
  • It is adjusted to accommodate the growing child needs
  • It can support up to 125 pounds


  • The product is a little pricy

5. Convertible Helper Tower

It is a handmade product that the designer crafted from birch plywood. It is a perfect kitchen stool for the toddlers. The used materials for crafting are stable and hardy hence making it popular. 

Convertible Helper Tower

Uniquely, this product can fold in the middle and transform it into the chair and table. It has safe claps on its sides, which will secure the table/chair and the helper tower. Furthermore, it has a space-saving design to fit in any room.

Since the helper tower can convert into a chair and table, it becomes a multi-purpose tool. The design makes it versatile hence you will not spend additional cash to buy a similar product. 

The helper tower comes at pocket-friendly prices. You will not have to empty your bank to acquire it. As you purchase it, ensure you follow the assembly instructions. 


  • The helper tower is highly versatile
  • The used materials are stable and durable
  • The buyer gets a satisfaction guarantee
  • The attached price tag is reasonable
  • The stool has a three-step adjustment


  • The assembly procedure is a bit complicated

6. Montessori Kitchen Step Stool

Montessori is a unique helper tower as you can convert it into a chair and table to serve other reasons. Typically, the manufacturer designed it for climbing, learning, cooking, and sitting. 

Montessori Kitchen Step Stool

Interestingly, this kitchen tower helper appears like a toy hence can be one for your active child. As you convert it into a chair and table, it allows your kid top to begin learning, reading, and doing other convenient tasks. 

The kitchen stool will enable your child to access unreachable places and achieve other goals. You can use this still in a limited place as it has a space-saving design. The used plywood materials are long-lasting. 

This product will meet the safety requirement for your kids. Typically, the kitchen helper is suitable for older kids. The procedure for assembling this product is rather straightforward. 

It is noteworthy that this kitchen stool is not adjustable to various heights. You can use it on limited grounds. 


  • The product is sturdy and stable
  • The process of assembling is easy
  • The used plywood is highly durable
  • The convertible design makes it versatile
  • The product has affordable prices


  • It has less fun since it lacks the adjustable design

# 7.UNICOO- Kids Learning Stool

Unicoo is a multi-functional kitchen product. You can involve it in the elevation of your child to the counter height. By doing so, your kid will also help you in other chores such as cleaning, preparing food, baking and several hands-on situations. 

UNICOO- Kids Learning Stool

The kitchen helper enhances fun in your environment. Uniquely, one can put it in the washing room to enable the kids to brush their teeth.

This kid’s tower has adjustable heights which include four settings. 

The kitchen helper will serve a one year baby to about 6-year kid. The product comes from durable hardwood with a lead-free coating. The big standing platform has fences around to prevent the kids from falling. 

The product has a load-bearing capacity of 250 pounds. Also, you will require assembly before using this product.

The manufacturer will offer you a 30-day guarantee. In case the performing is not pleasing, you have the option to return it. 


  • The kitchen helper is suitable for multi-functions
  • It has an adjustable height to tolerate the growing kid
  • The kitchen helper can withstand a load capacity of 250 pounds
  • It has excellent safety features
  • It is easy to assemble this kitchen helper


  • The used paint fades easily

8. Simplay3 Step Stool

Simplay3 Stepstool enjoys outstanding quality. You will need to perform three-step adjustments while managing it. By doing so, you will make it relevant to the size and the needs of the kid. You can adjust it in 12, 15, and 18 inches respectively. 

Simplay3 Step Stool

The manufacturer designed this kitchen helper with safety in mind. For instance, it has a rounded edge and a rubber anti kid’s feet.

The entire body of this device comes from plastic materials, which are easy to sanitize and clean. 

Also, this plastic stool happens to be lightweight. It has a compact size hence can fit in any room.

Typically, the product will serve kids from ages 1.5 years to 5 years. It will tolerate a maximum load capacity of 160 pounds. 

The kitchen tower will provide a suitable balance for the kids.

Besides, it is suitable in both kitchen work and garden area. It is also the right tool to use at school or any child care environment. 


  • The product is durable and well balanced
  • It is safe to climb the stool
  • The used plastic materials for construction are easy to clean
  • The kitchen helper is lightweight
  • The market prices are reasonable 


  • The maximum load capacity is too low

9. UNICOO – Kids Kitchen Step Stool

The kitchen step stool is a multi-functional device. For instance, it can support the user in baking, cleaning, cooking, and other kitchen-related tasks comfortably. It has a powerful design that will advance and create more fun in the kitchen. 

The designer made it with special safety features that will keep your child in good shape.

For example, it has four side railing, which is a safety measure for your children. More importantly, it has safety seating. 

The product comes from solid wood. The material is long-lasting.

It also has a non-toxic coating that is free of lead content. The towering tool can serve children of ages five and above. 

The maximum load capacity is 150 pounds. It also comes with an installation manual to help the user to assemble it as a DIY job.

More importantly, your will find this product in different colors to match your preferences. 


  • It comes in multiple colors and styles
  • It has fantastic safety features
  • The product enjoys a 150-pound load capacity
  • It is a versatile product
  • It is easy to assemble


  • The load capacity is moderate


Our Top Three Picks

Guidecraft Kitchen Helper Stool 

The product has a foldable design which makes it convenient for storage. Furthermore, the designer made it with uncompromising safety features to protect the interest of the child. Since it is adjustable, you can stretch it up to 17 inches making it suitable for a growing child. 

Montesorri Kitchen Step Stool

The kitchen tower enjoys a durable build that makes it to remain stable. It will raise your kid to the counter height so that the user can participate in other tasks like cleaning and cooking. The user can adjust it to four different heights. Furthermore, the kitchen stool has a load limit of 200 pounds. 

UNICOO- Learning Stool

It is a multifunctional product. It has excellent features that will increase kitchen fun. Moreover, the product has four height settings. It can support kids from ages one to six comfortably. The fences around the standing platform are ideal for providing security to the user. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are helper stools safe? Are Learning Towers Safe?

Yes, helper stools are safe. Depending on multiple designs, the kitchen helper tools have different safety features to ensure your kid remains safe. For instance, some have handrails that are ideal to prevent the kid from falling.

Other packages come with a non-slip silicone mat. It will prevent the user from falling. The learning towers are safe since they have rounded edges and handholds to add to your security. Also, they support a high capacity load while remaining stable. 

2. What is a kitchen helper furniture?

A kitchen helper furniture is a tool that one will use in the kitchen to facilitate other processes. For instance, you will use it to control the activities of your child.

The kid can sit there safely and create more fun by interacting with the family on the counter table. A kitchen helper furniture is a great tool that your kid can use while cleaning, cooking, sitting, and performing other activities safely. It is a vital component while at home especially when you have kids. 

3. When should I start using a Learning Tower? What age is the kitchen helper for?

The leaning tower is suitable for children as early as one year. When you introduce your kid to this device, it becomes a perfect device for your kid to learning how to do chores independently.

It may be playing with toys or learning how to bake, cook, and more. The kitchen helper is great for the children of ages two and above. The right kitchen helper should have safety measures to protect the interests of the user.

4. Are helper stools safe for dogs and pets?

Yes. The market has special designs that will accommodate dogs and pets. The helper tools are therefore safe for your dogs at home as long as they have proper measures to facilitate the intention of the user.

The helper tools will check the activities of the pets and dogs within the house so that they become more interesting and full of fun. You can involve them to increase the level of interaction between the pets and the people living in the house. 

5. Are learning towers worth it?

Leaning towers are ideal as they make the activity of cooking much easier. Furthermore, it elevates the kid to be a bit taller for accessing the unreachable place.

Furthermore, the learning stool will make hand washing better. You can still involve the learning device to task your baby. It is a perfect place to allow the baby to learn and discover more independently. Last but not least, they keep your baby safe in the house. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Kitchen Helper Stools 

You need to have relevant facts as you access the market. There are multiple models of kitchen helper stools that can confuse you especially if you are a beginner. The good news is this write-up will make your works easier. Let’s check them one by one. 

1.      Durability

The right kitchen helper should be durable. However, the durability aspect depends on the kind of materials that the designer used. For instance, most of the kitchen helper products on our list come from fine wood. Others have a plywood construction which is also long-standing. 

The durable the structure, the stable it becomes. You should settle for the ones that come from long-lasting materials. Also, some materials come from durable plastic materials. The plastic materials are lightweight and easy to clean. 

2.      Flexibility

The right kitchen product should be flexible to use. For instance, one can involve it in killing two birds with a single stone. Some models are convertible from one form to the next. Precisely, you can change it from a learning stool to a table and a chair. 

On the other hand, the same seat should have a simple procedure for assembling it. It should be a DIY project that should take you little time to finish making assembling it.

3.      Safety

Safety is an element that one should never overlook. The right kitchen helper should have safety designs to ensure the user is under good protection. For example, it should have rounded edges and handrails. 

Also, some packages come with a silicone mat that has a textured design. Again, the same mat has an anti-slip design hence the user will not fall easily.

4.      Pricing

You must purchase the product that you can afford. In other words, it must agree with your budget. Sometimes high pricing does not denote quality.

The price can however differ with the type of the helper you select. That reminds us of the difference between learning helper stools and towers, as they have slight differences.

You can still perform thorough research and find a high–quality product that will not strain your bank account. If you are operating on a budget, then look for moderately priced items that do not comprise on quality. 

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If you have the kids at home, it would be vital if you involved the kitchen helpers to manage their activities. You will control their activities effectively and make them more productive. The kitchen helper stool comes in handy to smoothen the activities of your growing child in the kitchen.

The list above contains the right kitchen helper stool for your selection. In case you are in hurry, you can make the perfect choice from the list. The products are unique with the right features to assist you in proper child management and training.