Best Kitchen Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder: 7 for 2021

Are you having challenges in de-cluttering the sink and maintain cleanliness? If so, it would be good to have a look at the best kitchen soap dispensers that have a sponge holder with them. Let us explore this

To solve such issues, you will need to utilize the best kitchen soap dispenser and sponge to promote cleanliness. Furthermore, it helps in organizing your sink decently. Here are resourceful details for you. 

Here is a quick comparison table
Product Name  DetailsUnique Selling PointBuying Link
1. S&T INC. Soap Pump Dispenser  A transparent dishCompatible with different scrubbing tools
2.Simplehuman Push Pump Soap DispenserDurable material plastic materialsSoap fluid lacks harmful chemical elements
3.iDesign Clarity Plastic DispenserIt has a compact sizeDrip tray for collecting water
4.Casabella Kitchen Soap PumpDurable plastic materials constructionEasy to operate
5.mDesign Decorative Marble DispenserEnjoys a compact designmultiple uses such as bathroom and kitchen
6.ZionTran Soap and Sponge Holderhigh-quality materials constructionsAffordable pricing
7. Orimade Kitchen Sink Caddy OrganizerCompact design3-in-1 design to support different functions

1. S&T INC. Soap Pump Dispenser 

S& T Inc. is a powerful piece of equipment that helps one to decently organize the kitchen. Firstly, it has a simple design as it supports a one-hand operation.

S&T INC. Soap Pump Dispenser for decently organized kitchen

The user has to press down the plate with a sponge, triggering the pump to dish out the soap directly. 

The package enjoys a free sponge that can fit on top of the soap dispenser perfectly.

Another exciting aspect of this unit is that it has grippy feet to enhance stability while at the countertop.

Most importantly, this unit can hold up to 13 fluid ounces and dispense the right amount as you press down. 

Finally, this unit has a transparent dish to assist one to monitor its level. This dispenser is easy to use and clean as it enjoys a spill-free mechanism. 


  • The compacts designs make this soap dispenser to be a suitable choice for small sinks
  • A transparent dish to help the user monitor the soap level
  • It has a wide opening to make it easy to refill
  • The soap dispenser comes with a sponge
  • It is compatible with different scrubbing tools. 


  • It lacks a slot for an extra scrubber or brush.

2. Simplehuman Push Pump Soap Dispenser

Simplehuman Push Pump Soap Dispenser

Simplehuman pump soap dispenser will sort out any kitchen mess and leave it clean and organized.

You can take advantage of the precision lever to simplify your operations just by using a single hand.

It has a simple design that makes it to be perfect for both the kitchen and bathroom.

This soap dispenser has a wide refill opening that makes the refilling of the soap easy.

You twist the top to allow it to open fast and easily.

The cool thing is that it has spill-free soap refills to ensure proper cleanliness at the counter. 

Another good element concerning this soap dispenser is that it has a reasonable size that can hold up to 34 ounces of fluid soaps.

As such, you will use it for a long before refilling it with other soap stuff. 


  • The soap dispenser has durable material plastic materials with a chrome-plated plastic head pump
  • The soap dispenser bottle has a removable design to allow easy cleaning. 
  • The pressure exerted pump can control the amount of soap dispensing
  • The 34-ounce refill pouch holds more fluid before the next refill 
  • The soap fluid lacks harmful chemical elements.


  • The sponge slot lacks a drain hole. 

3. iDesign Clarity Plastic Dispenser

Refillable iDesign Clarity Plastic Dispenser

If you want to organize your sink well, then look no further than this product.

It has a soap dispenser with two compartments for storing dishwashing necessities like scouring pads, sponges, and scrubbers. 

It is a refillable soap dispenser that has an eco-friendly aspect like using single-use plastic bottles.

Its operation is by use of the hand. Since it is removable, it enables one to clean it effortlessly. 

Typically, the designer made it with plastic, which is BPA-free. It is also rust-resistant and durable; hence it stands out for daily use.

The manufacturer made it with a compact design to store it in compact spaces on your countertop. It also has an 11-ounce capacity. 

The product enjoys versatility since the user can apply it in the kitchen or the bathroom. However, you will have to refill it more frequently due to its small capacity. The brushed nickel pump appears fashionable. 


  • The removable design enables the user to perform cleaning
  • It has a drip tray for collecting water from brushed or sponges.
  • It has a compact size with makes it ideal for a small bathroom and kitchen.
  • It has a brushed nickel pump head, which makes it stylish
  • The soap dispenser comes with a decent warranty.


  • It holds little soap liquid at ago. 

4. Casabella Kitchen Soap Pump Caddy

Casabella is a unique soap dispenser that has a two-in-one design to support your dishwashing solution. The presence of a sponge allows the user to start cleaning right away.

Unique Casabella Kitchen Soap Pump Caddy

Furthermore, it has a refillable soap reservoir with an easy to use pump for easy operations. 

The procedure of refiling this soap dispenser is easy.

Begin by pulling the tub and add the favorite liquid soap via a wide mouth opening.

It has an integrated sponge caddy, which provides convenience when accessing some particular items like sponge or scrub brushes. 

The tool has an open-top design, which enables all wet items to dry conveniently.

Generally, this soap dispenser has a 14-ounce capacity, making it effective for sink use at your home, laundry room, or kitchen. You can remove this soap dispenser from the base to allow for easy cleaning. 


  • Has built-in compartments to keep brushes and sponge effectively
  • Has a medium capacity for holding soap liquid for medium based tasks 
  • It is an important tool for de-cluttering the sink area
  • Easy to operate as it is a one-hand procedure
  • Durable plastic materials construction.


  • The pump fails to rotate occasionally. 


5.mDesign Decorative Marble Dispenser

mDesign soap dispenser is a refillable product that keeps the soap within reach as you work in your kitchen sinks.

mDesign Decorative Marble Dispenser with a 13-ounce dispenser

It is suitable for holding soaps, hand lotions, essential oils, and sanitizers.

The package includes sponges, brushes, and scrubbers. 

The dispenser has a 13-ounce capacity, which is easy to refill.

The procedure is simple since the bottle has a wide mouth.

The pump has quality construction that features durable plastic to serve the user extensively. 

The caddy marble comes from heavy ceramic-like materials.

Furthermore, it has a steel scrubber and stainless steel brush.

You can still use this soap dispenser in the kitchen and the bathroom. 

Another good feature that enables this soap dispenser to stand out is the affordable pricing. Furthermore, the user enjoys a 24-month warranty with good return policies. 


  • It enjoys a compact design, which enables it to fit in confined spaces on the countertop
  • The durable plastic materials are usually unbreakable
  • It supports multiple uses such as bathroom and kitchen
  • The package comes with a free steel scrubber and stainless steel brush
  • The soap dispenser is easy to clean.


  • It has a narrow opening, making refilling of liquid soap challenges.

6 .ZionTran Soap and Sponge Holder

It would help if you had a proper tool to keep your counter clean.

ZionTran Soap and Sponge Holder ideal for both kitchen and bathroom use

If in such a need, then take advantage of ZionTran soap and Sponge holder.

Since it has a versatile design, it is suitable for both the bathroom and kitchen. 

The good news is that this soap dispenser has a tray that prevents your counter from getting wet and dirty.

Also, it has durable materials construction (stainless steel) that cannot crack when exposed to rough handling. 

The package includes a free sponge for convenient cleaning.

You can involve it in the cleaning and scrubbing of the dishes with ease.

Typically, the entire set has perfect colors that can complement the home. 

Lastly, this soap dispenser has a sturdy non-slip base for preventing the unit from sliding the base. It also has a compact size, allowing one to store it in limited spaces of your countertop. 


  • It is convenient in organizing your kitchen to appear neat
  • The soap dispenser enjoys high-quality materials constructions for extensive usage
  • The trip trays enable the counter from getting wet
  • The non-slip base cannot slide over the countertop.
  • It has affordable pricing


  • It does not hold much liquid to prevent frequent refilling.

7.Orimade Kitchen Sink Caddy Organizer

Orimade is a unique product since it enjoys a two-way use. You can either stick it to the wall by using adhesives or place it on the countertop.

Orimade Kitchen Sink Caddy Organizer saves on space

The cool thing is it saves sink space and keeps the countertop clean. 

This sink organizer can store liquid soap, brushes, sponges, and sink towels.

One other aspect that makes this soap dispenser special is that it has a removable drain pan for protecting your countertops from water stains.

Furthermore, the sponges and the scrubbers can dry easily. 

This product comes with a premium quality design, which is durable stainless and plastic materials.

The two combine to enhance rust protection and ensure waterproof.

The tool has a 3 in one multifunction involving the brush, bottle, and dishcloth holder combo. 


  • It has a removable drain pan for protecting the countertop from water
  • Premium quality material that can serve one extensively
  • The product enjoys a 3-in-1 design to support different functions
  • It has an anti-rust and waterproof design to enhance the durability aspect
  • It comes in a compact design to save sink space.


  • Frequent pump failure reported.

Our Top 3 Picks, and Why

a)   S&T INC. Soap Pump Dispenser

It is a reliable product for instant storage of sponge and soap liquid. Furthermore, this product can dispense the right amount of soap on your sponge for convenient usage. It has a simple design that makes it easy to operate. Finally, it is affordable with a good warranty period. 

b)   Simplehuman Push Pump Soap Dispenser

The product has a precision lever for convenient operation with a single hand only. Again, it has a wide mouth for easy refilling of the soap liquid. It can hold up to 34 ounces of liquid to serve one extensively.

c)   iDesign Clarity Plastic Dispenser

It has a unique compartment to store specific necessities like scouring pads and sponges. Refilling it is a breeze as it boasts of a wide mouth for convenience. The used plastic materials are BPA free hence safe for your health.



The issue of cleanliness reigns supreme in the world of hygiene in your bathroom or kitchen sinks. About that, you need to involve the best kitchen soap dispenser with a sponge holder to facilitate easy cleaning.

Well, the products above carry your solution. If undecided, why can’t you take advantage of any from the list? 

Factors to consider when buying a kitchen soap dispenser

Before you decide to settle on a particular soap dispenser, you must check certain elements to avoid errors. Since there is no perfect product, you can gauge the suitable ones by using the below parameters.

One of the things you should consider is the type of soap you put in the dispenser as it is key to the use necessary. Check that article to know more.

a)   Size

The suitable soap dispenser should have the right size that compliments your tasks. Many products have a bottle that can hold different capacities of liquid soap. For that matter, ensure that you settle for the right bottle size. 

b)   Materials

Materials determine the lifespan of the soap dispenser. For instance, some products come with durable hard plastics that lacks BPA elements.

Others have chrome plating to improve their longevity and serve their purpose well. It will be reasonable that you settle for the right materials. 

Also, look for material that can be fixed if broken. Check our tips on fixing broken dishwasher soap dispensers for more insights on their maintainance.

c)   Pricing

Pricing is a critical aspect when you want to find the correct soap dispenser. The ones with additional features may attract higher prices and vice versa.

You can use the one that agrees with your pockets to avoid straining.