Kitchen Sink Drain Assembly with Dishwasher: Best 3 choices

Assembling Kitchen Sink Drain Strainers with Dishwashers

The kitchen is usually where one prepares food, and hence the kitchen sink drain assembly with dishwasher has to be of high quality. The kitchen sink drain assembly with the dishwasher will have to endure the abuse of food debris, food stains, and water.

The sink drain assembly includes the parts that make up the drain, including the pop-up stopper, the drain tailpiece, and the trap.

A dishwasher is a mechanical device designed to wash dishes and cutlery by immersing them in water, and this too must be plumbed into a sink drain.

Kitchen sinks are an essential part of any home, and every household needs at least one. If the kitchen is put up for sale, this also add to the value of the property

Best 3 Kitchen sink drain assembly with Dishwasher

1. Highcraft 9733 Kitchen Sink

The product boasts heavy-duty stainless steel, which is built to last. It features high-quality construction that enables its installation easily, so you get to enjoy it as soon as possible.

It has a durable design that makes it suitable for harsh conditions and minimizes the risk of corrosion and odor-causing bacteria build-up.

Highcraft sink strainer

This step-down sink drain assembly features a large aerator grille that ensures water flows smoothly, as well as an EPDM Gasket which maintains a tight seal and stops leaks from happening.

With a 5-year warranty, Highcraft will provide years of enjoyment. Heavy duty and rust-resistant feature makes this sink drain assembly is sustainable.

It is a sturdy product that can handle daily wear and tear. 

It is also very easy to install due to its smooth design and fully adjustable feature, allowing it to fit your drain perfectly.

The manufacturer designed this drain assembly around the needs of your kitchen. For use with most kitchen sinks. This high-quality product meets all major industry standards.


  • It has a smooth design and a fully adjustable feature
  • Has an anti-clogger that traps food particles to overcome clogs.
  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to clean and is stain-resistant
  • It is heavy-duty and rust-resistant.


  • Premium pricing.

2. Kohler Gp41398 Vs Basket for Duostrainer

Premium Duo Sink Strainer has an eye-catching, modern design and is a smart choice for your kitchen. Made from Stainless Steel, the basket is removable, and one can disassemble this strainer for compact storage.

Everflow drain assembly

The strainer has a dual function – first for rinsing fruits and vegetables, then for draining food through the basket when done.

All of this comes in a sleek and modern design that will look good on your sink for years to come.

It is the highest quality strainer on the market. It features commercial-grade construction and a premium stainless steel mesh screen that will never rust, chip or peel. 

The innovative basket design with flexible sidewalls allows for easy removal of food particles without spilling. With this extra-large stainless steel basket, you can prep fruits, vegetables, and other cooking essentials quickly and easily.

The stainless steel multi-strainer is designed to fit into Rectangular and Semi-Round sinks. It features a basket with an adjustable handle to accommodate various-sized dishes and bowls. 

The handle itself can be completely removed, so the strainer can be used in almost any sink type. And for extra convenience, it is also incredibly easy to clean both by hand or dishwasher!

Strainer fits all major brands. The Premium Stainless Steel design is rust and corrosion-free. Even better, this strainer is sturdy but malleable; the round handle makes it comfortable and easy to handle.

The open basket shape prevents any remaining food, helps keep the kitchen clean and tidy, it’s easy to use and is not difficult to install.


  • It is compatible with both sinks and garbage disposals.
  • It is rust-resistant.
  • Easy to clean.


  • None so far

3. Moen Kitchen Sink Basket Assembly

The drain assembly base is designed for heavy use, while the built-in strainer catches drain-clogging food and garbage for easy removal. The unique design of this Moen kitchen sink drain prevents clogs from occurring and saves you time and money.

moen sink strainer

Durable stainless steel components resist corrosion, making this a reliable fixture for your busy kitchen.

The drain assembly base is designed for heavy use, while the built-in strainer catches drain-clogging food and garbage for easy removal.

The integral basket strainer helps protect your drain pipes from clogs, while the base can withstand up to 20 pounds of force.

This Moen kitchen sink drain assembly is constructed from stainless steel and brass.

A built-in weight provides secure installation and prevents the strainer from becoming loose when the faucet is turned on. The sink strainer system’s base is designed for heavy use, providing long-lasting durability.


  • Sturdy and durable materials for long-lasting use
  • Designed for heavy-duty use
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • The color fits any kitchen décor
  • It is compatible with mots kitchen sinks


  • None

How to Plumb a Kitchen Sink Drain with a Dishwasher

Plumbing a kitchen sink drain is a relatively simple project that is a DIY affair. The most important thing to remember when doing your own plumbing work is safety, from start to finish. 

You should always wear safety glasses and protective gloves, especially when you are using any power tool. The other rule to follow when doing any type of plumbing work is cleanliness. 

sink drain plumbing

Always clean up all debris as you go along; this doesn’t mean just throwing it into the garbage but also cleaning up anything that might be left on the floor, around the area you have been working in.

This will ensure that you will not have any clogs down the road due to debris left behind.


1. Pliers (regular, needle nose)

2. Adjustable wrench

3. Crescent Wrench

4. Socket set (socket wrench)

5. Screwdriver with several different sized heads (flathead and Phillips head)

6. Hammer or mallet (for hammering nails into studs or drywall)

7. Pipe wrenches (regular and slip joint)

8. Rubber Gloves (to protect hands during washing out of the drain as well as during use.

The Procedure

You want to run the dishwasher, but the sink is full. How can you plumb the sink drain with dishwasher pipes? Step one, find the P-trap under the sink.

In most cases, it is the first bend in pipes behind the sink. It should be in the shape of a “P.” The second step is to run the dishwasher and check your sink level. 

If the water level is at the top of the dishwasher, then you have enough drain line. If you don’t have enough pipe to reach the dishwasher, then you need to add a section of pipe and attach it with a 90-degree elbow to the existing pipe and the dishwasher drain. This will plumb the dishwasher drain out of the sink and into the dishwasher.

Even better, you need to find the dishwasher hook-up under the sink. There should be a plug at the end of the drain. Next, remove the plug. You need to clean out the area with a pipe cleaner. 

You may need to use a special wrench to unscrew the pipe or a drain snake. If you have a sink trap, you will need to run a cable auger through the drain pipe. The cable auger is a long, bendable metal cable with a hook on end.

After you cleared the drain, you can attach the dishwasher. Make sure to run the dishwasher first to make sure that the drain works and that you do not have any leaks.