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Kitchen Sink Making Noises: How to fix air Noise or Gurgling

Kitchen Sink Noises

Kitchen sink noises can be both a nuisance and stressful. They take away your peace of mind every time they hit the air. Such noises are a clear indication that there is a problem with your sink. You can either hire a plumber to sort out the issue or do it yourself.

With the former, you get an expert in plumbing who resolves the issue at hand, but you have to incur the cost. Doing it yourself is both a learning process and a way of saving money.

You need to know the reason behind the kitchen sink noise before you can fix it. You can start by identifying the type of sound then assess your sink drain or faucet to determine the issue.

Another alternative is to find a professional to do the job on your behalf. An experienced plumber understands the different noises your kitchen sink can make.

How to Handle the Following Kitchen Sink Noises?

There are various noises your sink can make and all have different ways of solving them. Before you apply any mitigation measures, you must know the type of kitchen sink noise.

fixing kitchen sink

The various kitchen sink noises you are likely to encounter include the following;

1. Dripping Noise


The dripping sound can be as a result of a leaking sink faucet. Water drips from the faucet into your sink hence making an irritating dripping sound.

The noise can worsen to the level where you cannot catch a peaceful sleep. Tackling the issues as soon as possible is the only way out.


To fix the issue you have to repair your sink faucet. Therefore, an experienced plumber will come in handy. You can replace it with a new one so that you do not have to spend money doing repairs regularly. Repairing the sink faucet or installing a new one deals with the leakage once and for all. The dripping noise ceases with immediate effect.


It is better to prevent incurring the cost of fixing a sink with a dripping sound. You do not have to spend money to prevent that irritating noise.

Ensure you switch off your sink faucet after use so that there is no water dripping. Clean your sink faucet regularly so that it is not affected by rust. This can cause leakages that make a dripping noise.

Ensure you also repair a faulty sink faucet in good time before it becomes worse.

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2. Gulping Noise


A gurgling noise in the sink drain signifies a faulty vent in the drainage system. The vents allow water to flow seamlessly down the sink drain.

There will be an air exchange as the water drains out. If there is no sufficient air entering the sink drain, you will hear a gulping noise. It is because air does not get back out from the drain.


You can decide to fix the issue as a do-it-yourself or bring on board a plumber. An experienced plumber does the fixing within the shortest time possible.

The gurgling sound might be as a result of clogging in your sink drain. The best option is to bring on board a professional to eradicate the clogging so that the gurgling noise will disappear.


A clogged sink is likely to make a gurgling noise when draining out the water. To avoid such an instance from happening, you need to maintain your hygiene.

Ensure no dirt, hair or debris gets down your sink drain. That way, you do not have to worry about any instance of clogging. You do not have to put up with a gurgling sound from your sink.

3. Burbling Noise

unclogging the drainage


A partially blocked drain makes a burbling noise as water flows out of your sink. Even worse, the water will begin to flow slowly. In that connection, you have to wait for a very long time for the sink to drain all the water.

The problem can escalate causing a completely blocked sink that makes the water stagnant. Not only will it be unhygienic but also a breeding place for mosquitoes.


To get rid of the burbling noise, you have to hire a professional plumber. The issue can not only be partially blocked sink drain but also connected drain lines.

The professional will disassemble the drain lines to get rid of the clogging that is causing the unnecessary blockages. The water can now flow easily down the sink drain without making a burbling noise.


To prevent the burbling noise, you have to make sure your sink is clean. You should not expose the sink drain to dirt or debris that can cause blockage.

Water will always flow down the sink drain seamlessly without causing any burbling sound. You can also seek occasional repair and maintenance services from a professional plumber to avoid any future blockages.

4. Humming Noise


DIY unclogging the sink

The humming noise in your sink can be a result of a faulty faucet. Normally, when you turn the water on it will stop but upon turning it off, the humming noise starts once again.

The noise can be so irritating to an extent of negatively impacting your peace. But there is a way to deal with that issue pretty well.


To eradicate the humming noise, you have to replace your skin faucet. You need to hire a plumber who will get rid of the old sink faucet to replace it with a new one.

With a new sink faucet in place, you will not hear the humming noise. Also, repairing the faulty sink faucet can do the trick. But it will be better to install a new one if the old one is faulty beyond repair.


To prevent the humming noise, you need to ensure your sink faucet is in good condition. Inspecting your sink faucet regularly allows you to determine if any issues need repair.

Maintenance prolongs its lifespan hence preventing any humming likely to emanate from your kitchen sink.

5. Banging Loud Noise         

sucking drainage air


The cause of a banging loud noise from your sink is either an issue with water flow or water pressure. That banging noise emanates from trapped air bubbles and water hammers.

When you turn off the sink faucet, the water’s momentum rushing towards it runs into a closed valve thus causing a banging loud noise.

Also, when you turn the sink faucet on, the trapped air bubbles can cause that banging noise. 


If the banging loud noise from your sink faucet continues for a very long time, you need to hire a professional to solve that fault.

It can turn out to be a disturbance that denies you peace in your house. Consequently, you have to deal with it as soon as possible.

The plumber will drain the pipe leading to the sink faucet before refilling it to develop new air chambers. The air chambers deal with the shockwaves thus eradicating the banging loud noise.


You can install water hammer arrestors to prevent the banging loud noise from your sink faucet. That helps to solve the problem once and for all. You will not have to hire a plumber once more to solve the issue of water hammering.

The best remedy is to find a professional to install an efficient water hammer arrestor.


You can find it hard to deal with kitchen sink noises. They come in various categories like humming, burbling, dripping, gulping, or banging loud noise.

All those noises emanate from various issues. Hiring a plumber to fix the issue is the best remedy. But that does not mean you cannot fix some of the issues that cause the kitchen sink noise.