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Does Lemon Remove Fluoride from Water?

does lemon remove fluoride

The safety of our water has been an issue of concern to most governments. Our clean water is ever at risk of being contaminated by chemicals such as pesticides, heavy metals, and fluoride. It is becoming a common believe that groundwater is more superior to municipal filtered water.

We need to approach soberly this issue of consuming toxins through the water and killing ourselves slowly!

Basically, lemon does not remove fluoride from water. Lemon simply contains citric acid, which does not have any effect on fluoride. Alternatively, adding some salt is a better option, because the calcium carbonate in the salt helps precipitate fluoride as calcium fluoride (CaF2).

The other alternative is reverse osmosis.

Why the Issue about Lemon Removing Fluoride from Water?

a lemon

The simple truth is that fluoride is among the worst neurotoxins out there. Some nations have taken drastic measures to reduce the contamination of groundwater.

The burning question comes from the hoax that connects fluoridation of water as a booster to our dental health is now null and void.

The straight answer is no and is subject to extensive studies. According to research statistics done by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in 2014 on public water systems, 74.4% of the U.S population had access to fluoridated water.

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Other Impurities that Lemon cannot Remove from Water

To answer the above question, we need to have a clear understanding of what these water impurities are. The presence of Hydrogen and oxygen enables water to become pure. There may exist some other compounds that do not get mixed in water solution, therefore, making it impure. Some impurities can manifest as solids, and get suspended in water. We have different types of pollutants in the water as follows:

1. Biological Impurities

Biological contaminants in water originate from living organisms. The perfect examples include a virus, bacteria, pathogens, protozoa, and algae. Also, lemon does not kill bacteria and viruses in water. 

 2. Colloidal Impurities

They are organic waste products that access rivers, lakes, and oceans through suspended matter and, therefore, making water. The following are sources of chemical impurities in water;

  • Industrial sewage disposal in the rivers.
  • Plants and animal decomposition in water.
  • Gases originating from the atmosphere and transferred by rainwater.
  • High levels of organic compounds such as magnesium, iron, sodium, and chlorides. 

You can remove the chemicals as mentioned earlier from water through an elaborate water treatment system to make them pure. The removal process does not involve lemon.

Other Home Remedies for Reducing Fluoride at Home

In our guide on whether reverse osmosis removes fluoride from water cheaply, we gave a number of solutions that work. Amazingly, some of these solutions work and come in handy when you want to get rid of the chemical. This is important when you just want to do it yourself at home. The following are some of the ways to avoid fluoride.

1. Avoid drinking fluoridated water
clean water

Since we have realized that lemon does not remove fluoride from water, it is advisable you recuce your exposure to the chemical.

You should begin drinking fluoride-free water. To know the level of fluoride in water, contact your municipal water department before you engage a fluoride filter.

River waters contain minerals such as fluoride which must get reduced before consumption.

2. Change your cooking ware

Specialize in using stainless steel for cooking as they don’t degenerate, making them safe and healthy.  

3. Use water filters

Use water filters that can remove fluoride. For this case, use reverse osmosis filters which use a semi-permeable membrane to filter and separate water molecules from other compounds that dissolved in water. 

4. Use a water distillation system

You can alternatively remove fluoride in water by use of a water distillation system. There a variety of such systems in the market for your choice depending on the price and capacity. 

5. Never swallow toothpaste

Fluoride being the main ingredient of toothpaste prevents tooth decay. Unfortunately, if consumed, it leads to cancer, arthritis, and low fertility. Supervise your kids to avoid swallowing toothpaste. Alternatively, use non-fluoride brands. 

6. Avoid processed foods

Fresh food has a low content of fluoride in them. Companies use fluoride to preserve their food and, therefore, the level of fluoride in processed food is high. 

7. Enjoy some Fruits 

Eat organically grown fruits. Pesticides that farmers use to spray vegetables and fruits contain fluoride which contaminates them posing a health risk to the consumers. 

8. Reduce your Cup of Tea

You can reduce your consumption of tea from two cups to one cup daily. Green and black tea have high levels of fluorides and if taken in long-term has some severe health concerns.

9. Avoid using fluoridated salts

As mentioned above, fluoride prevents tooth decay. But due to recent research that shows fluoride is a health hazard, avoid using fluoridated spices. Before you buy your salt, make sure fluoride is not part of the ingredients. 

10. Avoid fluoride gel treatment

The procedure of treating tooth decay involves placing fluoride gel on your teeth. The worst case is to swallow the gel hence increasing the fluoride content in your body. The only remedy is to avoid eating the gel during dental treatment. 

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Why Avoid much Fluoride in Water?

no fluoride

Research indicates that excessive exposure to fluoride will result in serious health hazards such as:

1. Skeletal Fluorosis

When there is a high content of fluoride in your body, you are at risk of contracting a bone disease known as skeletal fluorosis. As time goes, you may be at risk of feeling pain and damage to bones and joints.

Furthermore, the bones may harden and become less elastic hence posing a risk of fractures.

2. Dental Fluorosis

Use fluoride-free water to prevent your child from fluorosis. Let your children that are six years and below avoid using a mouthwash that contains fluoride. 

3. Thyroid Problems

You can damage your parathyroid gland through excessive fluoride. The impact may lead to the uncontrolled secretion of parathyroid hormones. Frankly, it can deplete calcium in bone structures leading to bone fractures.

4. Neurological Problems

The high content of fluoride in the body may lead to poor scores in the IQ. 

Benefits of Lemon Water Apart from Managing Fluoride

A glass of lemon water

Lemon contains some health benefits in your body. It has a vitamin C that improves your health and enhances your beauty. As if that is not enough, lemon helps your body to fight against unnecessary infections. On the other hand, water nourishes your body while cleansing and detoxifying your body. A combination of both will do wonders in your body system. 

Let’s see the benefits of lemon water:

Boosts immune system

The lemon water that is rich in vitamin C helps the body to fight against infections such as a common cold. What’s more? It contains pectin fiber which helps to improve one’s colon health. Regular intake of lemon water will prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the body.

Detoxifies the body

By drinking a glass of warm lemon water in the morning, it eliminates toxins and regulates bowel movements. Furthermore, it helps improve the digestive systems of the body.

Dissolves uric acid

Let lemon water be your best friend if you suffer from joint and knee inflammation. Lemon water is a useful substance that dissolves uric acid and therefore reducing knee and joint pains. 

Strengthens the liver

 Lemon water is critical to the liver as it provides energy to enzymes found in the liver. Whenever you experience heartburns, the lemon water will balance oxygen and calcium levels in the liver. Qualitative intake will relief you from any pain. 

Balances PH levels 

Lemon is acidic, but surprisingly it turns to alkaline when in the body. It alkalizes your body when spread through nutrients of your bloodstream. Suppose the pH was higher, it then alkalizes your body, which is an indicator of a healthy body. 

Enhances beauty

Lemon water is a beauty regimen. It eliminates toxins and wastes. A regular intake of lemon water improves the quality of our skin by nourishing it to look glowy. It reduces acne and prevents the formation of wrinkles. 

Weight loss

You can reduce your body weight by taking lemon water in combination with other factors for better results. The lemon water has a high content of peptic fiber to help you fight off against hunger for an extended period.

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So, Does Lemon Remove Fluoride from Water?

To sum up, its a No. Read this article to learn methods of purifying water including removing fluoride. All in all, the presence of fluoride in drinking water has more risks to your body than the benefits. Your drinking water ought to be free of toxins such as fluoride for you to maximize the best out of it. 

Although lemon does not remove fluoride in water, it can serve your body well with amazing benefits. Treat your drinking water to remain pure before you take it. 

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