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Why Vertical Bathtub are in sale, Where to Buy and cost

Vertical Bathtub

Every customer has different tastes and preferences. It is evident in the various brands, fashions, and designs that are increasing tremendously to satisfy customers. That is why there are different types of bathtubs. Apart from the horizontal ones, you can also get the vertical bathtubs. 

What is a Vertical Bathtub?

Vertical Shower Bathtub

First things first, are vertical bathtubs even real? With technological advancement, new trends keep on emerging.

Various sectors are now bidding bye to the old brick and mortar equipment and adopting the advanced ones.

And that is why you can now find a vertical bathtub. It is unique in its own right, different from the normal horizontal bathtubs.

How Different is It?

The vertical bathtub allows you to walk into it. Definitely, you are wondering how this is possible. A prototype of a vertical bathtub designed by Ethan Lai shows how that is possible.

Despite being a futuristic design, it shows the advancements that the vertical bathtub has to offer. You no longer have to lay down inside your bathtub to enjoy a refreshing bath. 

Vertical Bathtub Pros and Cons

The vertical bathtub comes with its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. They include the following:


1. Saving on space

You do not have to worry about high space consumption with a vertical bathtub. You do not have to invest in a larger bathroom. The bathtub installation will take place in a vertical manner, thus consuming less space. You can also do it on your own.

And this is one of the significant advantages that make owning a vertical bathtub worthwhile. It is ideal for a small living space. 

2. Allows You To Float Or Stand

You do not have to lay down horizontally in this bathtub to take a bath. You can still have a bath while standing or floating. All you need is to first enter the bathtub and allow the water to get in.

You can then enjoy your bath without lying down. Therefore, this will be the right pick for those who have issues with lying down inside a bathtub.

Vertical Bathtub diagram

3. Comfortable For Bathing

Even a simple act of taking a bathtub should also offer you comfort. Fortunately, this is possible when you are using a vertical bathtub. It might come with both a normal and vapor bath alongside a shower.

So, depending on your preference, you have options to choose from. That will make taking a bath something you look forward to.

4. Good For Overpopulated Areas

With the increasing number of people, space is becoming very limited. In that regard, it is time to adopt progressive mitigation measures.

And one approach to use is proper utilization of the available space. Thus, embracing a small living space will be a great idea. As a result, a vertical bathtub will be ideal for such spaces.

5. Available in Various Designs

Depending on your specifications, you can still find a vertical bathtub that sits you. They come in various designs and colors to choose one that suits you perfectly.

It gives you the chance to exercise your options. Take advantage of this opportunity to choose a bathtub that will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.


1. Time Consuming

If you intend to take a quick bath, the vertical bathtub is not the right option. You have to get in first with this bathtub before turning on the water to fill it. You have no otherwise but to be patient for the water to flow in before you enjoy your bath.

That will take too much of your time, especially when you are in a hurry. However, with a horizontal bathtub, you can fill it with water before you get inside it to have your bath,

2. Not Ideal For Claustrophobic People

white Vertical Bathtub

Individuals who have a phobia of enclosed or confined places will not fancy a vertical bathtub. Once you step into the vertical bathtub, you have to lock yourself inside.

Since it forms an enclosed space, claustrophobic people will not like such an instance. Such individuals will prefer using a horizontal bathtub.

3. Can Be Disastrous When They Leak

If the vertical bathtub leaks, you are set to have it rough. The water might splash inside your bathroom hence causing amess.

Therefore, proper inspection of the vertical bathtub is crucial. It helps identify any leakages early enough; hence you can organize for the necessary repairs.

People Who Vertical Bathtubs Would be Good for them

Vertical bathtubs are ideal for people living in densely populated areas where space is limited. Such areas need to embrace small living. Utilization of the limited space should be a priority. That is why using vertical bathtubs that save on space will be a great idea.

Anyone who needs a safer and more comfortable bathing experience will prefer a vertical bathtub. You can easily get into the bathtub without falling. No need to worry about picking up unnecessary injuries. 

People who are prone to back pains can also use vertical bathtubs. You do not have to lay down in the bathtub. That means while standing or floating; you still get to enjoy a comfortable bath.

In addition, here is a list of safe bathtubs for elderly people.


Are vertical bathtubs real?

Yes. Vertical bathtubs are real. They allow you to stand or float submerged in water as you enjoy your bath comfortably.

What is a stand-up bathtub?

It is a walk-in bathtub that allows you to stand while taking a bath. It has a door that you close Once you walk into it.

How much does an elevated bathtub cost?

The cost of an elevated bathtub varies depending on the brand and installation requirements. But from at least $4,000, you can get an elevated bathtub.

What is a recessed bathtub?

A recessed bathtub is permanently mounted in your bathroom, with every or one part of that tub resting underneath the bathroom’s floor.

What is a Victorian bathtub?

Victorian bathtubs are some of the old or antique tubs. These bathtubs were made of marble, copper, earthenware, copper, iron, and zinc. But over the years, porcelain and enamel coating are materials that also go into making Victorian bathtubs.


Different types of bathtubs give potential buyers options to choose from. Besides, there are new trends, especially with vertical bathtubs. They allow you to walk into a bathtub and have a bath while standing or floating. Most importantly, the vertical bathtubs save on space.