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Easily remove rust stains and yellow stains from your hot tub

Easily remove Rust and Yellow stains from hot tub

Rust stains are very unattractive and can make you dread using your bathroom, especially if it has affected the tub. In fact, they are persistently caused by galvanized pipes. These stains on a bathtub are common if you have faulty drainage and the galvanized metal pipes leak onto the bathtub surface.

On the other hand, yellow stains are caused by deposits of inorganic chemicals on the bathtub that remains unwashed.

These stains are also caused when wet mouthwash, toothpaste, or soap which have metal ingredients that remain on the surface of the tub or sink. It is therefore important to remove these stains.

For glowing results, learn how you can easily remove rust stains and yellow stains from your hot tub at home and save money and the image of your household. In addition to these easy methods, we also add a number of ways of avoiding the occurrence of these stains in the future.

How to remove rust stains from a hot tub

Before you think of replacing the whole tub, give this article a chance as it outlines different ways you can get your tub back to its former glory. 

CAUTION: No matter the solution you chose, avoid cleaning products that have bleach in them as it may permanently destroy your tub. Below are a few solutions that work towards removing rust stains from your hot tub.

1. Tartar cream and hydrogen peroxide

For this method to work, you will need to use both Tartar cream and hydrogen peroxide. The two ingredients together and mix until it attains a thick paste. Apply the paste to the affected tub arrear and leave it on for about twenty minutes.

When you think the rust is all gone, scrub off the now dry paste with a scouring pad or pumice stick. This will dissolve the rust.

2. Using Baking soda and vinegar

The method works best if your tub is coated with fiberglass. It is also one of the most natural homemade solutions.

All you need to do is mix baking soda with water and pour the mixture generously over the rust stain.

You then wipe off the stain with a white cloth soaked in vinegar to aid in thoroughly cleaning the surface. Vinegar can also help fix the drains if slow or even unclog them.

3. Easy DIY Potato and regular dish soap.

Yes, you can use potatoes to easily make a cleaning agent as a Do It Yourself method. A bunch of potatoes then dip them in dish soap. You then scrub away at the stain and replace the potato after a few washes.

Potato has natural cleaning properties which will act on the rust hence leaving you a clean tub

4. Using Pumice sticks

Sticks have proven to work very well over time and can found in any supermarket. They are made of soft volcano rocks that scrub away rust pretty quickly and make no cause scratch marks if you scrub gently.

All you do is rub on the rust stain, and it will fade away after several minutes. You can then use a cloth dipped in acid to remove the stone residue if any.

5. Using Shaw’s Pad remover

The pad is designed with the elbow grease principle in mind. It requires a lot of energy to remove stains but is convenient. One of my best Shaws Pad removers is the LASCO 11-1180 because it includes two scoring pads.

The only thing you do is wet your tub and scrub vigorously on the stains unlike most cleaners, the Shaw pad is friendly to the surface, and no matter how hard you wash it will not scratch.

How to prevent the rust stains from recurring

Clean the tub after use

Since rust only occurs when water and metal are involved, try to always clean your tub after use This will remove all iron residues from the products you have used to bath.

Also, if you are prone to rust, ensure the products you buy to use in your tub are not iron-based. You can ask the attendants at the shop to show you tub-friendly products.

Keep your tub off metal products

Bathroom products mostly come in metal containers, and yet many people still store them on top of the tub. Invest in a bathroom cabinet to prevent cans from rusting on your tub because of their constant contact with water.

Rusty water causes rust stains on hot tub


How to remove yellow stains from your hot tub

Very little can compare to the relaxation brought forth with a warm bath after a long day. Much more enjoyment is experienced when you bathe in a bathtub that is not stained.

This joy, however, can be a rather unpleasing experience if your tub has yellow ugly-looking stains as you cannot relax fully when your tub looks like it will infect you with all types of diseases.

The dye can be caused by either residue of bath products, hard water, or even foul cleaning products.

Disturbing site of yellow stains on the tub

Despair no more as below are few solutions to deal with the stains once and for all.

Before you embark on dealing with your problem, make sure you research the make of your tub.

Specifically, determine whether your tub is made of either porcelain, enamel, or acrylic to prevent permanently destroying it.

It is worth noting that not all products are universal to every material.

To remove yellow stains from a hot tub, you can use the following easy methods as the solutions at home:

1. The use of Ajax or comet cleaners

Ajax and comet are both handy cleaners and since they both do the same job, you can purchase the one which suits you best. They however only work on porcelain tubs.

Cover the affected part generously with the product and scrub away with a sponge until the stain disappears.

2. Using Salt and turpentine

The method works best if your tub is made of enamel or porcelain. Many people use it as it is quite affordable and effortless. Make a mixture of salt and oil, ensuring both are in almost equal measure.

Then grab a pair of gloves then rub the stain until it fades away. After your tub is back to default settings, run clean water for a few minutes to remove any residue as it will affect you if any product remains.

3. Using Shampoo to clean

The yellow stain might have been brought by body oils you have washed off. If you suspect this might be the case, all you need is a bottle of the hair shampoo, you use.

Fill the tub with water and pour it into the shampoo. If left long enough, the shampoo will effectively wash away the oil as that is what it was made for in the first place

4. Applying Hydrogen peroxide during the leaning

Buy hydrogen peroxide or any other product which has hydrogen peroxide as an ingredient. You then mix it with water and trust me it will work wonders.

The stain will be gone in less than a minute, and all you do after is wiping away with a non-abrasive sponge.

If you can still see traces of the stain, pour more products and let it soak for about 10 minutes maximum.

After cleaning, put the hydrogen peroxide in a safe place away from children to prevent dire health consequences.

How to Prevent the Yellow Stains from Recurring

1. Repainting your tub

Your tub keeps getting back the yellow discoloration; it may be time to repaint it. After tubs have been in constant use for a long time, they accumulate stains that may be hard to scrape off no matter the product used.

As you repaint your tub, be careful not to splash paint on other bathroom accessories. As you select the paint, be sure to use the color that blends with other bathroom items. Read more on how to choose the best bathroom accessories and tips on how to maintain them.

Some of the products we use only mask the stain instead of completely removing it; so after a while, the product fades away, and the stain reappears.

2. Thoroughly cleaning the tub after use

In your bath, remember to run a few drops of cleaning soap to remove any dirt which may cause yellow discoloration if left on the tub surface. If you cultivate this practice and your tub will hardly have any more stains in the future.

Read on how to remove hard water stains from your tub and learn more.


While these stains are a problem, it is easy to remove rust stains and yellow stains from your hot tub. With the discussed methods, stains are a widespread occurrence that you cannot wholly avert.

Regardless of this fact, you should not have to live in an ugly bathtub. Pick a few tips from our above article to prevent embarrassing situations.

The best part is many of these solutions will not spoil your tub permanently. Read more on ways you can remove rust stains completely and keep yourself informed.