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How to Put Kitchen Sink in a Corner Contemporary Ideas

Kitchen Sink

A corner kitchen sink is a sink fixed in one corner of your kitchen. Also, it could be a sink installed in the corner of the island of your kitchen.

Installing a corner sink is a perfect way of using space because it takes an area of the counter that is underutilized and gives its purpose. 

Can you put a kitchen sink in a Corner?

Yes, you can put a kitchen sink in a corner. Even though many of them are eye-catching, their main advantage is saving you space.

Kitchen Sink in a Corner

Mostly, corner kitchen sinks are practical in kitchens that have U, G, and L-shaped floorplans because of the availability of many corners.

They are also effective in kitchen island corners.  Also, they have impressive features and ensure short distances within the kitchen.

Kitchen corner sinks designs are not many compared to standard sinks but there are varieties available for you to choose from.

For example, you can choose a single bowl, double bowl, drop-in, or under-mount corner kitchen sinks that are the best fit for your kitchen.

The shape of the kitchen’s corner is what determines the type of sink that is effective.

For example, a 90-degrees corner will be more suitable for an L-shaped corner sink.

Is a corner kitchen sink a good idea?

Installing a corner sink is a brilliant idea if you need to save space in your kitchen. If your kitchen is cramped, tight, and congested, the corner sink offers the solution to make the kitchen look bigger and spacious.

Additionally, even if you have a spacious kitchen sink, installing a corner sink leaves you with more space.

A corner sink can also provide a solution for a corner space in a big kitchen that looks deserted by transforming it into a functional hub of the kitchen.

Even if there is another sink already in the kitchen, installing a corner sink makes it easy for two people to use the kitchen at the same time. Its simple to undertake a double vanity plumbing to add a corner sink.

This can help save time and make work easier, especially when hosting events and celebrations. 

To add to that, corner sinks are very eye-catching, and possible to create a stunning look that will leave your visitors in awe of your kitchen.

These sinks can also make cooking look easier. This depends on the layout of your kitchen.

For example, if you have the fridge on one side of the sink, a cooker on the other side, and a chopping board on top of the sink, you can make an entire meal without moving your feet at all. 

Pros and Cons of Installing a Corner Sink in a Kitchen


1. Offer efficient use of space

Installing corner sinks takes an area of the counter space that is not utilized and makes it very useful. The lost space can be used to install a large corner sink that is not available in the kitchen.

In smaller kitchens, installing corner sinks provides the homeowner with extra space for food preparation and cooking activities. 

2. They are unique

Corner kitchen sinks are less common than traditional sinks. They give your kitchen an extra flair and a look of customization.

However, it is important to note that not every kitchen layout can incorporate the installation of corner sinks. 


1. Difficult to install

The installation of corner kitchen sinks requires customization especially extra cuts in a countertop. How other things in the kitchen will be placed needs to be considered before installing a corner kitchen sink.

 kitchen sink

For example, the dishwasher needs to be positioned in a way that does not interfere with the access to the sink.

Lighting can also be a concern. Most kitchens do not have windows on the corners.

Therefore, additional lighting may be required above the sink. 

2. May affect upper cabinets

If kitchen cabinets are above the location of the corner sink, then you will have no other option other than removing them in order to install the sink and provide space for usage.

If the design of the cabinets is traditional and matches your kitchen setup, then it’s a big loss.

3. Makes it hard to receive help in the kitchen

Even though kitchen corner sinks free up space, they can only be used by one person. They create a congested feel and prevent others from helping you in kitchen activities. 

Can kitchen sinks be in southeast corner?

A kitchen sink should not be installed in the southeast corner of the kitchen. It’s the kitchen that should be placed in the southeast corner of the house.

To add to that, according to Vatsu Shastra, an Indian architecture system, water should not be placed in the southeast corner. It is believed that this can cause financial losses and accidents.

Can kitchen sinks be in northwest corner?

Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink should be ideally placed in the northwest corner of the kitchen. According to Vatsu, west in an alternate neutral direction to face when cooking.

The sink represents water that should not be placed in the southeast corner of the kitchen. Water and fire should also not be placed in the same place.

Therefore, the preferred direction of fire where gas cookers and stoves should be placed is southeast.

The opposite side, northwest, is where the sinks should be placed. This is because of the belief that water and fire are opposite elements that repel each other. 

Best location to put a kitchen sink

A kitchen sink is located where the plumbing is. However, you can transfer the plumbing to anywhere you want in your kitchen with help of a plumbing specialist.

Also, the place where the sink has the best view is considered. Ideally, kitchen sinks should be in line with the kitchen window for fresh air and an outdoor view.

Also, sinks should be near the dishwasher where dishes can be transferred after being rinsed. However, there are no golden rules of where to place a sink.

You can have a sink placed at a place you find most convenient for use according to the size of your kitchen. Perhaps the most important tip is to make sure that you have space left on both sides of the sink.