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Portable Sinks with Hot Water: Best Sink Units for Outdoors

Portable Sinks with Hot Water

A portable sink is a self-contained device that will function without any plumbing. The user can unpack it and fill it with water and plug it into any electrical source. Other models use propane power or battery.

The unit has an instant water heater that can deliver 40 to 45 degrees which is warm water. You can use the sink to get hot water only on demand hence economical. You can activate it by using an infrared sensor to stop, which is also hand-free. 

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Best Portable Sinks with Hot water Reviews

Before explaining how a simple portable sink with hot and cold water operates, let us look at some of the best options. For these selected below, one can use it in any location as long as there is power access. Other models will not require electricity to heat the water.

Here is a brief and detailed review of the best portable sinks that can function with both cold and hot water. These options are the best for outdoor events and camping among other uses.

1. AOSGYA Camping Sink

 It is a powerful product that will require a hands-free operation. The user will need to step on the foot pump to access a stream of water.

AOSGYA Camping Sink with hot water

Every single step of pumping will lead to gushing out of 180ml of water. 

The designer used environmentally friendly materials. As such, it becomes safer to use when washing your hands, handling food, and drinking.

The process of installation is never difficult. You will not require any tool to install. It is a ten-minute task. 

If you like traveling or camping, then this tool can serve you better. Again, one can use it while gardening, fishing, adventuring, and events, etc.

The accessories include a foot pump, a 19L base tank, a soap dispenser, a stand, and a detachable washbasin. 

Also, this device has wheels that are suitable for transportation. The sink alone will weigh less than 10 pounds if the tank is empty. 


  • The full tank will serve up to 100 washes
  • The foot tank is easy to use
  • The wheels are ideal to facilitate movement
  • Durable and environmentally friendly materials
  • 12 month limited warranty


  • One must assemble the basin

2. TruePower Camping Sink

It is the right device to make water accessible while operating outdoors. It allows the user to wash their hands, serve drinks, and food from them.

TruePower Camping portable Sink

The camping sink has hands-free features whereby you step on the foot pump to get water. 

This portable sink is compact and lightweight. Carrying it to your destination is never a challenge. The rolling wheels and built-in handles will facilitate transportation conveniently. 

The used materials for its construction are environmentally safe. It comes from HDPE plastic which is ideal for a range of food and related products. Again, the materials lack any toxic elements hence safe for your family. 

The product includes an integrated soap dispenser, which is ideal for personal hygiene. There is a drainage hose that is flexible for you to dispose of wastes.

The stainless steel towel holder serves conveniently. The conditions ensure that you maintain hygiene regardless of where you are. 


  • Easy to assemble since no skills needed
  • Easy to use a foot pump
  • The rolling wheels are easy for transportation purposes
  • The portable sink is compact and portable
  • The design enhances personal hygiene


  • Wheels do not rotate smoothly

3. Portable Outdoor Wash Sink

The product features a tank with a 19L storage capacity. You will have to step on the foot pump as a hands-free operation. By doing so, the device will provide a stream of water. Every single pump generates 180L of water. 

Portable Outdoor Wash Sink

Also, there is a 3L soap tank to facilitate your hygiene. The handwash sink is portably backed by a compact and lightweight design.

Furthermore, it has rolling wheels and a built-in handle to facilitate your transportation. 

The device has a flexible hose which is ideal for draining the wastes. The product comes from food-safe materials.

Specifically, they are HDPE plastic, which is convenient for different food products.

Furthermore, the material is non-toxic. It becomes safe for use within your family circle. 

The packages have a manual that carries instructions for assembling it. You will take a short period to assemble it. The entire setup weighs 10 pounds. 


  • The hosepipe is convenient in expelling wastes
  • The foot pump triggers 180 ml each step
  • The assembling procedure is simple
  • The setup has excellent features to enhance your hygiene
  • The used materials for designing are toxin-free and durable. 


  • It is pricy than a standard portable sink

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Is it Possible to have a Portable Sink with Hot Water?

If well designed, it is possible to have a portable sink with hot water. And actually, one can have both hot water and cold water. The question comes because of the combination of both cold and hot water. Below we discuss and explain how it gets possible.

How to Get Hot Water for Portable Sinks

How Portable Sinks works with Hot Water

The hot water portable sink will not require plumbing for one to operate it. The good news is such sinks are versatile. When you are operating it, ensure that water is at the required temperature.

One option is to connect them to an electrical source. They will use an electrical heater as an internal mechanism to heat the water to the needed temperature. 

In case there is no power to where you are camping, you can involve other options. You can use large containers (flasks) to carry water along with your destination.

On arrival, put the same hot water into the tanks and enjoy them all together. Such a decision is ideal when you operating in remote areas. 

Also, you can heat the water while in your house. After that, proceed to your destination. Chances are you will still make use of the same heated water in your activities. 

Last but not least, as you operate remotely, you can use a portable solar heater. Take advantage of the sunshine and expose the solar panels in the sun rays.

After a while, they will begin to heat your water. Such a method is a cost-free alternative if you lack other means to heat your water. Portable sinks with hot water are the way to go if you want to live and maintain your hygiene. 

Advantages of a Portable Sink with Hot Water

1.No Installation Needed

The portable hot sink will not require any plumbing hence no installation is necessary. The assembly procedure will not demand any skill. Specifically, you will not need a professional plumber to do the job for you. 

The only thing is to fill the tank and it will be ready to begin the operations. Again, you can replace the tanks at your discretion without the intervention of a professional. 

2. Environmentally-Friendly

As earlier captured, portable sinks do not require plumbing. For instance, outdated plumbing can lead to water loss. As you use portable sinks, it reduces water consumption. 

You can involve the portable sinks for convenient sanitary solutions. The product is environmentally conscious. Most of them have environmentally safe materials. They do not contain any toxic elements hence safe to use around. 

3. Mobility

The portable sinks with water have wheels which facilitate easy transportation. Also, they are lightweight allowing one to move them from one location to the next effortlessly. 

You can travel with it to your desired destination as you attend to other outdoor programs. They can be hiking, camping, events, and fishing. 

If no mobility is needed, then an outside sink is the best. Check our comprehensive review of the best outdoor sinks for your yard or events grounds.

4. Cost-Effective

The whole procedure of assembling them is economical. You will not hire a professional plumber to do the installation for you. It is suitable for DIY enthusiasts. It is an economical and cost-effective alternative, unlike other traditional sinks. 

By using portable sinks with hot water, will help you to operate a decent and reasonable budget. You can use them maximally in clinics, outdoor activities, offices, schools, and daycare centers. 

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 5.Low Maintenance 

By investing in such devices, you will experience low maintenance costs. The unit enjoys a self-contained status, meaning it has everything you will require. Interestingly, they will not demand any serving. 

One will easily connect and disconnect the tanks when emptying wastewater and filling fresh water. Alternatively, you can have additional tanks on standby in case you are having a busy event. You can replace old water without experiencing any difficulty. 

6.Enhances Proper Hygiene

The portable hot sinks will ensure one operates in a hygienic environment. For instance, you can operate these hand-washing stations in classrooms or medical facilities. Depending on the model, such sinks will serve more than 100 washes. 

So, by enforcing portable hot sinks in an environment, the community will stick to safety and health standards. It is a perfect way of enforcing cleanliness habits. As such, it checks the spread of germs and other bacteria. 

7. Hot and Coldwater

By operating portable sinks with hot water, it does not sacrifice luxury. Some models feature both cold and hot water. You can access hot water by plugging the unit into an electrical power source. Some units have a built-in water heater and an electric pump. Suppose there is no power around, you can use the cold water option.