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Can a Porcelain Kitchen Sink be Refinished or Resurfaced?

Porcelain Kitchen Sink can be Refinished

Porcelain kitchen sinks can serve and last for a lifetime. Even so, after years of service, they can degrade due to scratches, stains, and chips. That brings the question of whether such porcelain sinks can be resurfaced or refinished.

With a good option and decision by a homeowner, refurnishing is a good idea. As such, you can opt to refinish such a sink since it is more cost-effective than doing a whole replacement.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of such a chance to redecorate the sink color, perhaps to match the current décor.

A porcelain kitchen sink can be refinished or resurfaced when you want to renew its look and improve its surface. More to that, you can re-glaze the surface and give it a new look. To achieve this, there are many products are available for recoating sinks, tubs, and countertops.

Most of the materials for doing such refinishing tasks are DIY-friendly. About that, any competent person can handle such a project with ease.

Alternatively, you can conduct a professional contractor to offer your scratched or stained porcelain a new coating that may last for layers.

First off, what are porcelain sinks? They are ceramic made of clay materials. The type that makes a sink is usually Kaolin which undergoes a high temperature to form a hard-like surface for resisting water. Generally, you can apply porcelain coating to sinks made from acrylic, cast iron, or steel materials. One of the things that can damage porcelain is scratching on the surface and impacts of heavy cookware.

How to refinish a porcelain kitchen sink

You can follow the steps when you want to give your porcelain sink a new look.

1. Apply TSP (trisodium phosphate) to clean the sink. Such a chemical is eco-friendly, which is available in your nearest hardware.  It has a great role in cleaning off old soap scum, accumulated dirt, and residue from the sink.

How to refinish porcelain Sink

2. Next is to attach medium grit sandpaper and sand the edge of the surface thoroughly. Sanding aims to create a rough surface to allow the paint to adhere better and smoothens out smaller scratches and chips.

3. Furthermore, eliminate the debris and dust with the help of a sand cloth. Additionally, you can begin to apply a coating of a bonding agent using a piece of cloth. Allow it to dry for five to ten minutes.

4. Later, you can sand the sink again lightly using fine-grit sandpaper and eliminate the dust using a damp cloth. Apply a second coat of epoxy primer and allow it to dry for fifteen minutes.

5. Lastly, begin to apply an acrylic topcoat to the sink using a high-quality brush. As a rule of thumb, brush in one direction.

6. Allow for the first coat to dry as you apply two more coats while allowing every coat to dry between the intervals. Let the ink dry for at least 24 hours and avoid using the sink heavily for five days.

Changing the sink Color

When a sink discolors, it looks aged, dirty and no cleaning steps could help. Since replacing the sink can be costly, you can choose to change the color and give it a better appeal.

Before beginning such works, it is essential to observe some safety concerns, such as wearing gloves and a respirator. Wear the right clothing and keep the fan active to ventilate the kitchen.

Next, you should clean your kitchen sink for refinishing. Firstly, use soap to eliminate old grime and dirt and apply hydrogen peroxide where there are stubborn stains.

Before and After Sink resurfacing

Alternatively, you can use an abrasive cleaner on discolored and dirty areas. Rinse it well and let it dry.

You can prepare the sink by sanding the entire surface using sandpaper.

The purpose of roughing the surface is to allow the paint to stick to it properly.

It is vital that you use a mask to shield your lungs from inhaling small particles.

Let the kitchen sink dry before proceeding to the next step.

Use a refinishing kit to assist in changing the color of your sink.

Involve a smaller roller to apply a new sink color and use a small foam brush to access remote places. After that, allow the sink to dry for at least one hour.

After the second layer undergoes proper drying, ensure the sink is waterproof and functional. Allow the sink to remain dry for three days before running water in it.

Benefits of Refinishing Porcelain Kitchen Sink

1. You get a wide selection of color

White color is the most predominant color among kitchen sink, although that is not the only option to use.

You can opt to use different colors to match the décor of your kitchen and offer it a unique look. This is a great benefit that contradicts other materials like stainless steel sinks which limits the look.

Porcelain materials offer a glossy finish and an attractive look. You should hold in mind that using a trendy color makes the sink outdated with time. As such, redecorating the sink can work for you well.

2. Low Maintenance

The good news is that one needs to do less maintenance in keeping your porcelain sink looking better.

You can maintain it by performing regular cleaning to eliminate food and any other stuff that could damage and discolor the sink’s surface.

You can still avoid other abrasive cleaners in scratching the sink surface. Typically, cleaning such a surface is easy and cost-effective.

The key to maintaining a porcelain sink is to avoid chips and scratches. Some homeowners use silicon pads to protect such sinks.

The cool thing is nonporous options are also heat-resistant. On average, a typical porcelain sink may last for 25 to 30 years.

3. Strong Sink Option

Any sink that comes from porcelain materials is a strong option that can last for a considerable period without developing low quality.

Any sink with a metal base but has a porcelain cover is more strong than any solid porcelain sink. No matter your choice, porcelain materials are a durable option to serve users extensively.

4. It is DIY-Friendly

The action of re-glazing or coloring your porcelain sink is simple. Some homeowners opt to do such tasks by themselves to overcome costs that a professional would demand.

Some people use professionals to overcome some dangers that other professionals would encounter.

That said, you have to follow general instructions to achieve that simple goal of coloring or resurfacing an old kitchen sink.

5. Most Affordable option

Porcelain materials are more affordable than other options like stainless steel. Porcelain is readily available, making its cost below.

As if that is not over, the process of molding and processing porcelain materials is not as complicated as other materials such as cast iron or stainless steel.

Porcelain undergoes fewer steps to become ready for use than other stuff.

Costs involved in refinishing a porcelain kitchen sink

A porcelain sink is a super product that features fewer costs when you resurface it. You will have to purchase TSP, sandpaper, brushes, and paint. If the sink has some damages, it calls for installing a new one that can slightly raise the costs.

Nevertheless, if the sink is only discolored or had scratches and chips, you may have to perform limited and less tedious work.

You may have to choose between using a professional and letting it be a DIY task. A professional will charge you while doing it alone may be lower the costs.

The only thing to succeed by resurfacing it your way is to follow the instructions from the manufacturer. If the socts are too high, consider recycling your old sink by using it for other purposes.

The bottom line

You can decide to save on the cost by resurfacing your kitchen porcelain sink. The entire process has simple steps that any competent individual would do. You can also paint your kitchen sink if you consider it as the better option.

As such, when your sink encounters discoloration or scratches, the best option is to resurface it with a good coating and let it gain a new look. You can also explore removing hard water sink stains if they are caused by water.

In summary, a porcelain kitchen sink can be refinished or resurfaced has all the benefits over buying a new one. While it’s a personal preference, it is recommended to take it as a cheaper option.