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Things to Do with Old Sinks: Steel, Porcelain or Composite

Things to Do With Old Sinks

Not all old sinks should be disposed of as waste. They can be reused and recycled. An old sink can also be refurbished into a new look.

Old sinks can also be repurposed for use in different outdoor activities. If your only option is disposing of the sink, you can sell it to re-use industries. You can also donate it to those in need. 

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Things to do with an Old Stainless Steel Sink

1. Make a Washbasin

You can use your old stainless steel sink outside for washing hands and garden vegetables even with the disconnected. Place a bucket beneath the sink to catch the wastewater when you pull the drain stopper after finishing using the sink.

The sink vanity can be used to store vegetable scrubbers, strainers, and bars of biodegradable soaps that are environmentally friendly. Stainless steel sinks can survive the outside environment for a long period even if they are left in the open.

2. Make a Garden Sink

Things to Do With Old Sinks

You don’t need a plumber to make a sink in your garden. You can make a wooden island and fit your old stainless steel sink there.

The garden sink can be used to wash vegetables and fruits direct from the garden.

This sink solves your need of cleaning fruits before eating them while in the garden instead of waiting until you get home.

You can design the wooden island to have places where you place environmentally friendly soap, vegetables, and fruits from the garden.

You can use your rain or horse barrel to fill your sink with water.

3. Laundry Room Sink

Your old drop-in stainless steel sink can be used in the laundry room. The laundry room is used lesser than your kitchen and makes it perfect for the installation of old sinks. It will extend the sink’s life and function.

If you don’t have a sink in your laundry room or if the one there is less attractive, you can replace it with the old stainless steel sink. If there was no sink in the laundry room all you will need is a simple laminate countertop to work with your sink.

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Things to do with Porcelain Old Sinks

1. Sell them to Reuse Stores

If the porcelain fixtures of your sink are still in good shape, you can sell them to nearby reuse stores and use the money on other projects. First of all, clean and disinfect your sink.

Remove all features attached to the sink. Remove the parts that are not porcelain and pack the rest of the sink. Reuse stores will always take old sinks that are still in good shape.

You will need to call before delivering your sink to verify whether they will accept your old sink. Ensure that your sink is not chipped or stained. 

2. Use it on a Patio

If you have replaced your old porcelain sink, don’t dispose of it off. It can live a new life outside if you plumb it well on the patio. Build your patio in such a way that it will accommodate the sink.

Having a sink on your patio helps you make works easier during outdoor dinners. You can easily wash your utensils there and return them in the house clean.

Your kids will not also have to walk into the house with dirty hands after finishing playing outside. They can wash up outside and come in clean. 

3. Creating Play Areas

Most kids love playing with water. Water tables and water toys are common among kids. These can be expensive and also take a lot of space in your interior setting. If you have an old porcelain sink you have a solution.

You can build your water table using the old kitchen sink. Construct a table that fits the old porcelain sink on top.

Make a shelf where your kids can place their toys and other playing stuff. Paint the table to a color that is attractive to kids to make it as functional and fun as it should be. 

Things to do with your Old Composite Sink

1. Use it as a Planter

Your old composite sink can be designed as a planter. To convert the sink into a planter, cover it with stones that are too big to go down the hole to allow for drainage.

Things to Do With Old Sinks

You can alternatively use a sink strainer or a mesh.

After that add soil inside the composite sink and plant something.

Seeds that you choose to plant in your sink planter should be seeds of plants with small leaves and small roots.

Such plants have a better chance of surviving in containers because they are drought tolerant.

You can choose to place the planter indoors and plant flowers for decoration.

You can place a bucket under the drain to catch the draining water if you are using the planter indoors.

The water can be reused on the plants or disposed of.

A planter can also be used as a seed nursery where you can later relocate the seedlings to your vegetable and flower gardens. 

2. Make it an Animal Station

The size of composite sinks makes them suitable for conversion into animal stations. All you have to do is cement the drain hole to close it and use the sink as a feeder for animals.

Composite sinks durability is the best among sinks making them perfect for animal use. They are heavy too and animals can’t kick them down easily. Place the sink feeder under trees or roofed places to prevent rain from socking the contents in the feeder.

This prevents animal feeds wastage.  The sink can also serve as a water point for animals. The sink can also be used to create a birdbath for birds such as ducks. 

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FAQs on Old Sink Uses

What can I do with an old porcelain sink?

An old porcelain sink can be used to do very many things. It can be used in the garden as a garden sink to wash farm produce. However, you can refinish your porcelain sink if it is not completely written off.

It can be used outdoors as a patio where people can use it during outdoor activities such as parties. It can also be used to make play areas for kids where they can play with water and use their water toys effectively. 

Can you make a BBQ out of a sink?

Stainless steel sinks can be used to make a barbeque. A countertop with two sinks is preferred in this exercise.

You will first remove everything that is not steel on the countertop. The drain materials must be removed too especially the washers and the rubber rings.

Now start folding the countertop to a height that you prefer for the barbeque. Make it firm in a way that it can stand steadily on its own.

Find grates for use inside the sinks. They allow air to come from below hence making your coal burn better. Finally, find old griddles that you will use to place the food.

Can stainless steel sinks be recycled?

Stainless steel sinks can only be recycled by metal recyclers. They can’t be put in single-stream recycling bins.

At least, you will make money by selling the old stainless steel sinks to metal recyclers or scrap metal dealers who buy them. These dealers are rare and you may need to contact them if you have an old stainless steel sink to sell.

How do you repurpose an old bathroom vanity?

Bathroom vanities can be used to make outdoor playing spots for kids. Kids love water. The sinks of the vanities can be filled with water and the storage structures can be used to keep water toys used by the kids.

Bathroom vanities can also be repurposed to make an outdoor laundry spot. Clothes can be washed in the sink while soap and other detergents can be stored in the cabinet.