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Can Indoor Ceiling Fan be used on Covered Porch or Vaulted?

Indoor And Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Many people think that indoor ceiling fans can be used outside just because outdoor ceiling fans can be used inside. It is risky installing indoor ceiling fans on any covered porch. These ceilings are not approved or rated for any moisture.

If these fans operate in any form of moisture, they may break or short. This risks the occurrence of electric fires. It is, therefore, advisable to install the appropriate type of fan for a particular area.

Basically, an indoor ceiling fan can be used on a covered porch if there is no moisture enters the covered porch, then installing the indoor fan can be appropriate. The recommended ceilings for any outdoor feature are wet-rated.

Several people mistakenly argue that indoor ceilings can be installed on porches during the summer when there is no water or moisture in the atmosphere. This is usually a risk considering the weather changes that may occur during the day.

Can I Use An Indoor Fan Outside?

Indoor fans cannot be used outside because they are not designed for exterior use. Ideally, indoor fans are not built to withstand elements from the outside, such as water. Only outdoor fans should be used outside.

porch ceiling

First, once these fans come into contact with water, they break down quickly.

The water contributes to the damage of the indoor ceiling motor.

The worst-case scenario is an occurrence of an electric short caused by the water.

This can easily lead to electrical fires, which can damage property.

How many Ceiling Fans do I Need for a Porch?

The number of ceilings fans installed on the porch depends on the space of the porch and the sizes of the fans. Amazingly, most porches are not significant, and one ceiling fan is usually enough.

A 75 square feet meter space needs a ceiling fan of size 29-36 inches when it comes to areas. On the same note, between 76-144 square feet will need a ceiling fan of sizes 36-42 inches.

Two 29-36 inches sized ceiling fans can be installed in spaces of up to 144 square fits. 44-inch fans can be installed in lengths of in-between 144-225 square inches.

A ceiling fan of a size between 50-54 inches should be installed on a porch of space 225-400 square feet.

In a nutshell, small ceiling fans are meant for small porches, while big ceiling fans are meant for extensive patios.

Two or more small-size ceiling fans can be installed into large porches to perform the work meant for one ceiling fan. Choosing the right ceiling fan for your porch ensures comfort and maximum performance.

For example, in rectangular porches, you can consider using two fans or select a fan that is close to the broader side of the porch.

Can you put a Ceiling Fan on a Vaulted Ceiling?

vaulted ceiling fan

Many people today are installing vaulted ceilings in their houses.

Correspondingly, vaulted ceilings make rooms look elegant and give the illusion of the space being more extensive than its actual size.

You can put a ceiling fan on a vaulted ceiling if it fits the design and space. For the sake of air circulation, many people usually want to install fans on their vaulted ceilings.

Installing a Ceiling Fan on a Vaulted Ceiling

To install a ceiling fan on a vaulted ceiling, first, you need a long down-rod that will help clear all the angled sides of the ceiling. The down rod is mounted using a mounting bracket and a ball.

There is a lock inside the mounting bracket to prevent the ball from spinning. The ball is installed on the top side of the rod. A nut is used to lock it in place to prevent it from turning.

installing a ceiling fan on a porch

In addition, the ball is then installed into the bracket with the electric wires through the down- rod.

The fan is then installed on the other end of the down rod.  

For the electric connection, you can use the light fixture installed on the ceiling of your house to create one.

Note, the ceiling should be installed 18 inches from the house’s walls and 7-9 feet above the floor of your house.

How to Hang a Ceiling Fan on a Porch

Before hanging a ceiling fan on a porch, you should first select the fan that fits your patio perfectly.

For instance, if the porch ceiling is very high, you will need a fan with an extender. If the height of the top is lowered, you will need a flush mount fan. The size of your porch also determines the size of the fan you purchase.

Identically, fans with longer blades are used in more giant porches. If the fan has light features, you should make sure that the light features are suitable for outdoor use.

Procedure of Hanging the Ceiling Fan

To hang a fan on a porch, you will need to situate the wiring. First, ensure you switch the power off to avoid electrocution. This includes removing the existing light fixture, removing the old electric box from the ceiling, and attaching the new electric box.

After that, you need to mount the bracket to the junction box. Pull out the wires through the center holes of the bracket. Don’t forget to make sure that you use long screws to mount the frame to the junction box firmly.

The next step is connecting the body of the fan to the bracket. At this instance, the wiring from the junction box should now be connected to the fans. The white wires should be joined to each other. The black wires should be connected as well.

Moving forward, you attach the blades to the motor. After securing the blades to the blade’s iron, screw the blades to the engine. If your fan has a light fixture, it should be plugged into the wire hanging from the underside of the motor.

Lastly, turn on the power and check for any wobbling as you ensure that you have safely fasted your fan to the ceiling.


It is with no doubt that dry-rated ceiling fans are excellent in cooling your home. However, keep in mind that its blades and other mechanical accessories are not built for outdoor use.

To enjoy ceiling fans designed for outdoor use, choose a damp-rated or wet-rated ceiling fan designed to withstand rainstorms, moisture, or any dampness.