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Is Washing Hair in Kitchen Sink Bad? Dos & Donts to do it Ok

Using kitchen sink to wash hair is fast

Maintaining your hair hygiene is one of the critical things that one should take into account. Having clean hair and scalp improves blood circulation and eliminates sweat that may cause bacteria growth, thereby compromising your freshness.

However, the environment where you want to clean your hair matters since not all sites are acceptable.  We will be unveiling different facts about this issue, and we hope they will remain resourceful to you.

Is washing your hair in the Kitchen sink bad?

Kitchen sink side sprayer

Washing your hair in the sink is the most recommended way to clean it effortlessly.  However, the kitchen is not the best place. Also, it is the right method to employ when you are feeling tired.

Washing your hair in the kitchen sink is not bad but it is not recommended due to hygiene reasons. This is because the dirt, soap, and shampoo used to wash your hair are not welcome in the cooking area of the sink for cleaning utensils that handle foodstuff.

Undoubtedly, one should not use a kitchen sink to wash the hair as some designs have side sprayers that provide a close and stronger water stream to encounter a better rinse. 

All facts present, washing your hair in the sink is quicker as it does not include detangling.

Furthermore, it is the fastest way of washing your hair without encountering much mess. Many people prefer such a method since it consumes less water.

However, you must be conscious of dirty dishes, food particles, and other activities like hand washing and teeth cleaning that make it unappealing.

Also, hair that happens to be too long can become tangled and tousled from leaning your hair forward and backward.

Another downside worth mentioning is that it can leave a huge mess on the kitchen floor, which takes one more time to clear. Also, with the absence of a kitchen side sprayer, it becomes difficult to get your head underneath directly if you require a thorough rinse.

That said, it is decent to wash your hair in a sink. But it would help if you did it by observing great care so that you do not cause a great mess around your kitchen.

It takes a short period, which is precisely 20-25 minutes if you are competent. Also, it saves you the hassle of seeking a similar service in a salon, which can be an additional cost to your budget.

Again, washing hair in a sink is convenient as it allows you to position your head comfortably. In case you have neck and back issues, then it is the right method that we can recommend to pregnant women.

It is a perfect way of refreshing your hair while keeping high levels of hygiene.

How to wash your hair in a sink

Washing your hair in a sink is an easy and quick alternative. Many may harbor varying reasons as to why they may fail to wash their hair in the sink, such as wearing hair extensions or if they have a new tattoo.

a)      Preparation

Correct steps washing hair

Begin by choosing the shampoo and the conditioners that are favorable to your hair.

Different hair types require varying conditioners and shampoos. For example, if your hair is wavy or curly, you need a hydrating shampoo or conditioner.

It is reasonable for those who won straight hair to settle for volumizing shampoo and conditioner to minimize flatness.

Lastly, if your hair is kinky or course, you should settle for the shampoo to detangle, soften, or treat the damage.

Another crucial step is to gather all supplies to handle your act. For instance, you need a conditioner, a comb, a towel, a shampoo, or a cup.

More so, you need a step stool and a sink. It could be decent if you used extra towels.

Once all items are present, roll up your sleeves, or you can alternatively take off your shirt. It does not hurt if you wrap the towel around your neck.

b)     Choose your best sink

It is good to choose a large enough sink which can accommodate your head well under the faucet. The right sink should have a good height to support your bending actions without posing a great challenge. In case the sink has a sprayer, then such becomes an added advantage.

Suppose your sink is too high, then you can take advantage of a step stool. Let the water run until it attaints a suitable temperature. Appropriate weather neither is too hot or cold but nice and comfortable.

c)      Shampooing your hair

Begin by bending over into your sink and flip over to expose the back of the neck. Ensure your head remains under a running faucet.

Using a cup or a tap, pour additional water until your hair becomes saturated. For better results, you should use warm water in this step. 

Continue turning your face from face to face as you place each side under the running faucet. Then, using a cup or a sink sprayer, pour extra water on the sides of your head to achieve adequate saturation.

Moreover, wet the front by using a cup to pour water above your hair forehead. At this point, you will achieve wetting all your hair.

Dispense your shampoo into your palm depending on the length of your hair. Beginning from the front, you can apply from the roots of your hair.

Continue to massage the shampoo on your scalp as it is a critical area where your hair gets greasiest. As a result, you must massage to promote cleansing. Once clean, then move shampoo to the tips of the hair.

Lastly, you can rinse out the shampoo. Ensure your soap does not get into the eyes. Wet the sides of your neck, the back, and the front. Proceed to rinse until you achieve clean water.

d) Conditioning your hair

Dispense a dollop of the conditioner into the palm as per your hair size. Apply the conditioner to the hair from the ears down.

Caution is key to avoid applying the conditioner to the scalp directly. Once through, you can comb it through your fingers.

Allow the conditioner to settle for at least five minutes. Also, the wait enables the moisturizer to heal your hair properly.

Lastly, rinse your hair with cold water starting from the back, sides, and front. Continue rinsing until the water becomes clear. Involve the towel to eliminate dampness in your hair.

Ensure you gently avoid damaging the hair since the hair is sensitive when it is wet. Later, comb the hair with a wide-toothed comb as you begin your styling routines.

e) Using a shower

A shower is a critical element to use when washing your hair. This method has various benefits as it allows water to run down your head by detangling your head as you stand upright.

This method not only washes your heir but it deep conditions it as you wash the whole body. Not to mention, this method is comfortable and is devoid of any mess.

Dos and don’ts of washing hair in the kitchen sink

The Dos

  1. Use clean when washing your hair.
  2. Ensure to use the right shampoo or conditioner depending on your hair type
  3. Ensure there no food particles or other messes in the sink before washing your hair.

The Don’ts

  1. Do not allow shampoo or conditioner to access your eyes.
  2. Never use cold water when saturating your hair.
  3. Never leave any mess such as hair in your sink.

Wrapping Up

A kitchen is a sensitive area that holds the life of other members. As a result, you can use it to wash your hair and maintain high levels of hygiene. In that regard, ensure that you follow the above processes to improve your washing experience.