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Kitchen Sink Clogged Past P-Trap: Blocked Drain Deep in Pipe

Clogged Kitchen Sink

A clogged sink is a challenge that most homeowners have to deal with. Even worse is if the clogging goes past the P-trap. In this regard, water will not drain out of your sink.

That means your sink gets to remain with still water that cannot move. Such an occurrence is not only a nuisance but also a threat to hygiene. You must find a way to mitigate it as soon as possible.

You can either hire a professional to unclog your sink past P-trap or do it yourself. In the case of a professional, you have to select an experienced plumber to do the job on your behalf.

Inquiring from past clients and reading customer reviews will be ideal for finding the right plumber. If you decide to unclog the sink past P-trap by yourself, then there are factors you have to consider. Identify the reason for the clog and have the right materials to do the unblocking.

Causes Of Kitchen Sink Clogging Past P-Trap

In as much as sink clogging past P-trap is a stressful instance, some of the causes result from carelessness. Not paying attention to the cleanliness of your sink is a mistake that most homeowners tend to commit.

Clogged pipe

It is evident through the hair that you might find in your sink past P-trap. And this is as a result of cutting long hair in your sink. It gets to find its way to the sink P-trap, where it cannot move out while draining out.

Oil and grease are other causes of a sink clogging past the P-trap. Usually, this takes place in the kitchen sinks. When the grease and oil go down the drain, they will accumulate over time, causing a clog.

In that regard, the sink will not allow seamless passage of water. Therefore, you have to end up with a clogged sink past P-trap, which will cause water to stagnate.

Remains of food and debris might accumulate at the sink past P-trap, where they will form unnecessary blockages. As time goes by, there might be bad odor and stagnant water. The accumulation also leads to sink gurgling.

So, you have to revert to other means of getting rid of the stagnated water. You might need to use a bucket or an empty container to draw the water from your sink. Not only is it time-consuming, but also frustrating. You might even require to hire a plumber to come around to do the unclogging, an approach that is likely to be expensive.

How To Fix A Kitchen Sink Clogged Past P-Trap

Fixing a Kitchen Sink

To fix that kitchen sink clogged past P-trap should never be a challenge to any homeowner. In fact, there is no need to stress about hiring a plumber.

You can fix that sink yourself to have its drainage system working efficiently. The beauty about doing it yourself is that you save on money and time.

You no longer have to pay a plumber, and you can fix the clogged sink past P-trap within the shortest time possible.

Materials You Need

Unclogging your sink past P-trap will require you to have several materials that will make work easier. Remember, you have to get rid of water that is causing clogging of the sink past the P-trap. Therefore, you might have to disassemble the sink to access the clogged area in the P-trap. The tools you need to use include the following:

  • A plastic hair removal tool
  • Drip pan
  • Pliers
  • Boiled Water
  • Snake Cable

Steps To Do It

There are various ways of unclogging the sink past the P-trap. It all depends on the reason behind the clogging. In case it is a hair clog, all you need is a plastic hair removal tool.

Clogged Sink

Use it to reach the clogged sink past P-trap to get rid of any hair causing the clog. If that is not possible, you will have to disassemble the P-trap to reach the hair clog.

At this juncture, put a drip pan beneath the sink P-trap to collect any water from the sink or piping.

You can also loosen the drain piping nuts to access the sink beyond the P-trap. It is a process that does not require any tool apart from your hands.

That is because most of the drain piping nuts are not very right. If the pipes are made of metal, use pliers or pipe wrenches to loosen them. You can then access the inside of the sink past P-trap to get rid of the cog using a snake cable.

Suppose the clog is a result of grease and oil. You have to ensure you clear it from the sink past P-trap. Dissemble the P-trap and clear any accumulated grease or oil. After doing so, assemble the P-trap and pour hot water down the drain. It will get rid of any remaining grease, oil, or debris that might affect draining past the sink P-trap.

How To Prevent Kitchen Sink Clogging Beyond The P-Trap

Dealing with a clogged sink past P-trap can be a hassle. So, the best way is to prevent any chance of clogging. And how do you go about it? Ensuring you maintain a high level of cleanliness in your sink is important. Get rid of any dirt that is likely to go down the drain, causing clogging.

It ensures you have a clean sink, and P-trap does not have to hold any dirt that might cause unnecessary blockages. Venting also helps to prevent sink clogging.

Do not allow any hair or products such as shampoo or soap to go down your sink drain as you groom or wash your hair. There are serious repercussions that are likely to ensue. The hair will accumulate past the sink P-trap, causing a clog. With time you will notice your sink draining water slowly. So, do not let har, debris, or any dirt down the sink drain.


Is It Possible For Kitchen Sink To Be Clogged Drain Deep In Pipe?

Yes. Your sink can clog deep in the pipe due to the continuous accumulation of hair, debris, and dirt. So, avoid any instance that might lead to such clogging. The best way is to maintain a high level of hygiene while using your sink. Clean it well.

Can A Kitchen Drain Clogged In Wall?

do it yourself; hence no need to hire a plumber.

How To Clear Pipe Blockage?

Pour hot water down the blocked pipe. Add vinegar and baking soda, then leave it for 30 minutes. Once those minutes elapse, follow up with hot water to clear the blockage once and for all.

What If The Kitchen Sink Is Clogged Snake Doesn't Work?

In case you find the snake cable is not working, the issue might be its length. What you need to do is to extend it by some inches until it reaches the clog. Start rotating the snake cable to loosen that clog.

Does Drano Go Past The P-Trap?

Drano is still very effective in dealing with deep clogs. Therefore, it will be ideal for getting rid of any clog past the P-trap. 


Unclogging your sink past P-trap is a task you can handle by yourself. You only need the right tools, which include snake cable, pliers, hot water, baking soda, and vinegar, and you are good to go. If you choose to hire a plumber, ensure you bring on board a qualified individual. You deserve to get value for your money.